George Washington's Impact on U.S Essay Example

George Washington's Impact on U.S Essay Example
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George Washington was the first president of the United States and would leave big shoes to fill for later presidents. George Washington was elected president on April 30, 1789, and would remain in office until he resigned on March 4, 1797. John Adams was Washington’s Vice President, Alexander Hamilton was the Secretary of the Treasury and Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State. Washington was a good president because he showed all three of the following characteristics: Determination, open-mindedness, and selflessness.  

George Washington shows determination when he doesn’t back down when he knows it’s the right thing to do. He demonstrated this during the Whiskey Rebellion when the rioters got out of hand and started attacking innocent people. Washington decided to send an army to disband the rioters and teach them a lesson.“Washington reported to Congress that although he had agonized about the decision and intended to uphold the constitutional right to protest unfair tax laws, the insurrection had to be put down or the survival of the young democracy would have been in peril.” George Washington knew that he couldn’t allow the riots to continue and have more people hurt or killed. He is determined to keep the people safe and won’t stop until the situation is resolved.

George Washington is open to all sides of a situation before making a discussion to move forward. He showed that he could be open-minded when he put Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson in his Presidential Cabinet. Alexander and Jefferson usually have completely different views on most topics. They disagreed on the way to solve the state’s debts. Alexander Hamilton thought, “The federal government should pay off all CONFEDERATION (state) debts at full value.” Thomas Jefferson thought, “thought Hamilton's plans for full payment of the public debt stood to benefit a ‘corrupt squadron of paper dealers.’” Washington chose Alexander Hamilton to solve the national state debt and for Alexander to come up with a financial plan. George Washington was an open-minded man and listened to many opinions before making a critical decision.

George Washington is selfless and doesn’t make discussions for his gain but for the people. He demonstrated his selflessness with his Farewell Address announcing that the end of his second term as president was nearing. In his Farewell Address, he made certain that the people knew the importance of unity of the people, the dangers of foreign affairs. He emphasized that the worst enemy for the government is a president that chooses loyalty to their party over the nation. “Washington was not bound by a two-term limit. But if he died in office, he feared it would establish a precedent that the presidency was a lifetime appointment.” He wrote the Farewell Address for the people and resigned for the people.

Selflessness, open-mindedness, and determination were the three characteristics that made George Washington a good president. George Washington’s actions during the Whiskey Rebellion demonstrated his determination. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson being elected for Washington’s Presidential Cabinet showed Washington’s open-mindedness. Finally, George Washington’s Farewell Address showed his selflessness and support for the people. George Washington showed all three of the characteristics that make a good president.

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