George Washington's Teeth Essay Example

George Washington's Teeth Essay Example
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đź“ŚPublished: 16 March 2021

George Washington struggled with dental issues through his adulthood. He lived through pain most of his life. As our future president became an adult, Washington began to experience continual problems with his teeth. Later, it went to the point where he started to lose them. By 1789, Washington only had one remaining natural tooth. He decided to see a dentist, and he had to use dentures created from lead, and the teeth were from slaves and hippopotamus ivory. According to mount, George Washington underwent numerous procedures to make his dentures look natural and less painful. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as it should've. Instead, Washington's dentures were still hurting him, and on top of that, he began to develop facial disabilities. This evidence shows the process for Washington and his oral health. It also shows how he was suffering for the past 43 years. In summary, George Washington had problems with his teeth through his adult life that caused him to live in agony.

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