God Has A Plan For Everyone Essay Example

It was just another early Sunday morning as I excitedly got ready for church and to hear the sermon from my pastor possibly the greatest person I have ever met as I drove to the local church I played some sermons bye my favorite pastors and Christians 

As I entered the church and saw my pastor I noticed that he looked paler and sicker than usual when everyone arrived and the sermon stared my pastor announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer I was shocked bye he further announce that he would not be able to work in the church for a while 

A week later I was notified that he had been admitted to the local hospital I visited often almost always breaking into tears despite his constant attempts to comfort me 

Then I got the text my pastor my friend my mentor who I considered a father had passed away 

Bang Bang Bang the church bells rang. My pastor the man who had raised me in Christ since birth was gone. The man who taught and helped me. Who made life a little more bearable. who got me through even the toughest of times was gone. I guess I should have expected this he had been battling cancer for a while. Which I hadn’t taken well despite his constant efforts to calm me down and convince me that he was going to a better place whenever I visited him in hospital.  

During the service, we prayed and read a bit about his life. We sang to a few hymns like Nearer my God to Thee and Amazing Grace. Many other people showed up and were crying even harder than me I can’t blame them though my pastor my friend was a good man he. Converted many people, helped in their daily lives, spreading the word of god, changing many different lives for the better, and overall being an amazing person.

On the way home while I was tearfully walking home I received a lot of phone calls and text messages from my friends and family who had heard the tragic news. They were trying in vain to lift me from my soul shattered state.

It started raining which I appreciated since it hid my tears. I walked drearily to my home. When I reached my home, I flopped down on my bed not knowing what to do with nothing else to do I prayed I prayed for over 2 hours then I read my bible for a more few hours hoping it would give me a sliver of hope for a situation that seemed hopeless. While I was reading one verse that stuck out to me Do not worry says the Lord for I have a plan for u a plan to do good to u and not to harm you. Isaiah 41:10 it was only then did I realize that this was all a part of God’s plan and that if I had faith and trust in him he would deliver me out of these times of trouble. 

Tired and exhausted I fell headfirst into my pillow. I could not sleep that night no matter how hard I tried I was tossing and turning a lot that night as well When suddenly I had a dream a vision as some may call it I was in a place of unimaginable beauty and extravagance I heard a voice call out to me Do not Fear for it is me the Lord your God I have come to give you comfort in These times of trouble, distress and misery. I say to you your pastor was a child of God and he is now in eternal paradise I will give u many blessings and help in your life all I ask in return is that u have faith and trust in your eternal ever-Loving God, just then.

I woke up I knew what I had to do I went to the church applied got trained and became the pastor I decided that from then on, I would dedicate my life to finish the work my friend and mentor started. I am writing down this diary so that someone may get hope from my experience. 

God has a plan for everyone Even in the darkest of times if u have faith and trust in the eternal and ever-loving God you will succeed in life. I leave you with this verse Repeat these words and tell all nations and there people about how amazing and great God and his wisdom written in the bible is in praise to the Lord, amen Psalms 135.


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