Growth Mindset Essay Example

Growth Mindset Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 May 2021

I think that a positive growth mindset can affect you mentally in a positive way. A positive growth mindset gives you a lot of motivation, and will increase the chances of succeeding, but I also think that having the mindset of reality is also as important as having a positive growth mindset.

Having a positive mindset will give you a lot of motivation, and this will also increase the chances of you succeeding. For example, when I rode a two wheel bike for the first time I had a positive mindset because of this I was able to balance longer, and fell less. Then, on the second day I got nervous, and started to think about not being able to balance and getting hurt. When I started to ride my bike, anxiety got the best of me, and I ended up riding into someone else's yard, and fell.

I think that having the mindset of reality is also important because reality is not based on emotions, but if you are prepared for the obstacles. For example, instead of having a negative growth mindset, and thinking if, and what will happen, but instead I should plan the real obstacles that will come in the journey of completing my goals. That way I can know my enemies ( obstacles), and I can prepare my mindset that it can increase or stay the same.

I think that having a positive growth mindset helps you focus more on your task, then worrying about other things. While a reality mindset helps you prepare for the obstacles you will have to overcome.

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