Heaven Is For Real Movie Review

Heaven Is For Real Movie Review
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

I watched the movie Heaven Is For Real which is about a man named Todd Burpo, a small-town pastor and volunteer firefighter. During a tough year, he and his wife Sonja struggle to make ends meet. Todd himself experiences an injury while playing softball but the worst comes when the couple's son, Colton undergoes emergency surgery after have an erupted appendicitis. The likelihood of Colton surviving was low but he overcame a miracle and survived. However, the parents were shocked when their son Colton said he went to heaven and told his parents things that he couldn't possibly know.

In this movie, the aspects of death, dying, and grief are presented right at the beginning of the movie when pastor Todd Burpo goes to the hospital to pray with a dying patient. His son who was with him stood in the hall and watched. At a young age, death is hard to understand. With the main character being a young boy, viewers can see the major misconceptions of death and the young. Although Colton doesn't fully understand, he knows he went to heaven and saw God and the angels singing. This movie discusses dying in depth. Many onlookers believe that Colton died and returned to earth. Based on his medical record he never died but based on what he says he was in heaven for a short period. In today's world, we do hear stories that people died for a bit but came back to life. That is because their heart may have stopped for a short bit. It is unlikely that someone would go to heaven and remember so much. For me, the most important phrase in this movie is when Colton says "It's okay. No one will ever hurt you." to a young girl. From this, viewers continue to see heaven as a safe place. We often hear the phrase "it's okay to let go" when someone is dying. The same aspects of how death happens were presented in this movie. 

This movie compares to the textbook because after most deaths comes a funeral and then a burial at a cemetery. At the beginning of the movie, Todd visits the cemetery to put flowers on a grave. Later into the movie, after one incident with a fire, Colton and his father go to the cemetery to pay their respects. Colton puts the two ideas together and understands that those that die and are buried go to live in heaven. This however doesn't explain why he went to heaven and he is unaware of how rare his visit was. Also in the textbook, it talks about fear of death. This movie is similar in that way that most are scared to die because of the pain they have had from losing loved ones. In contrast, it differs because Colton is not scared to die because he has seen the glory of heaven.

This movie could be used as an educational tool because it expresses the thought of death in various ways from young to old. When we talk about death for the youth, fear of dying, and not knowing what comes next, this movie could help explain it all. Again with the main character being young, this movie could help to teach children about death and heaven too.

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