Helicopter Parenting Essay Example

Helicopter parenting is the opposite of free-range parenting, which means parents guide children for their future wellbeing. Helicopter parenting is an effective way to raise children, and if Romeo and Juliet had helicopter parents, their situations would have been different. 

Helicopter parenting is a very effective way of raising children because parents are involved with their child's life which does a remarkable job of ensuring their child succeeds. According to the article, "What Is Helicopter Parenting," the author states, "The chances are that if you are a helicopter parent, you push your children to succeed. You actively help them with their homework; you dedicate time to helping them with extracurricular; you instill in them the importance of practice, time, and effort." This portion of this text accurately represents my statement because when a child has helicopter parents, they tend to excel in school compared to children without helicopter parents. These children have more success in life and have to struggle less due to the helicopter parenting guiding them to do better in school.

The outcome of Romeo and Juliet would have been different if they had helicopter parents. Helicopter parenting is a way for parents to keep up with what their children do, and if Romeo and Juliet were observed closer, their situation would have had a different outcome.  When Juliet's mother and the nurses converse, the nurse states, "You and your husband were in Mantua. Boy, do I have some memory! But like I said, when she tasted the bitter wormwood on my nipple, the pretty little babe got irritated and started to quarrel with my breast" ( Shakespear 1.3). After Juliet's birth, the nurse talks about how Juliet's mother left her with this stranger who is the nurse to raise her daughter. If Juliet had helicopter parents, she would have been raised by her mother and wouldn't leave her daughter in the hands of a mere stranger, which could lead to her mother being more involved or "In the loop" of her own daughter's life.  

Some may argue that helicopter parenting is immoral or incorrect and is not fair for the children's side of the relationship helicopter parenting brings. However, children who have helicopter parents are less likely to make poor decisions in life. These children guided by helicopter parenting are also more likely to exceed in school leading them to be better off in life with a successful career.   

The best way to raise children is helicopter parenting; also, this parenting method; if Romeo and Juliet had, their consequences would have been positive. Helicopter parenting provides children with great opportunities in life because it enforces education on the children, which led them to be better off in life. Overall, helicopter parenting isn't perfect by any means; nevertheless, weighing out the positives and negatives, the positives win with leading children with a better life. 


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