History of French Revolution Research Paper

History of French Revolution Research Paper
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“We most smother the internal and external enemies of the republic or perish “ Maximilien Robespierre said this just  before the Reign of Terror, a year long period of death sadness and despair ended From the year 1793 - 1794 one of the most well-known parts of the french revolution began. The reign of terror was a period when killing innocent people was allowed if they had a controversial opinion to the revolutionaries. This began because the king and queen were found trying to escape after the country made an agreement to become a constitutional monarchy. They were taken to the town square and executed .The only people that were safe from death were the ones that did not speak out on their beliefs and thoughts or agreed with the uncivil sinister things that were happening throughout the country. it was estimated that 16 thousand people were guillotined, but 40 thousand were killed in all.it can be called into question whether or not the actions of Robespierre and the revolutionary government were justified during the Reign of Terror.The Reign of Terror was not justified because the government lost control of France, executions were inhumane and it went against the ideals of the revolution. The declarations of rights of man was made to give right to the people to have a better life after the revolution but this sadly back fired .The Reign of Terror was not justified and one of the reasons why was that it went against the ideals of the revolution , in document A,   the Declaration of the Rights of Man and citizens, “august 27,1789”, it states “that no person shall be accused, arrested or imprisoned, except in the cases allowed by law. “( article 7 )his right was never actually followed through. When the Law of Suspects was passed on September 17, 1793.  it limited every right that someone that was accused. This law was passed during the Reign of Terror showing that the people did not care if you had a right to a fair trial if they suspected that you were against the revolution you can be incarcerated.  In other words, a person is arrested.  It is likely that this law was put in place by the government when they saw that what they thought were to many rights for the accused and to limit the people who got away with crime but in part ruined lives of people who did nothing .Another example of the religion of terror going against the ideals was in the  Declaration of the Rights of Man and citizens

( article 10 ) “no one should be silenced on account of his opine, including his religious view”, but in November of 1793 that all changed when the festival of reason began. According to document B, the festival of reason was when the revolutionary government decided to close all the catholic churches. This directly goes against the ideas of the revolution . many of the people that were killed were innocent and laked the right to speak freely and have a fair trial when they were ssopoed of been allowed to be free but with this it led to more deaths than there should have been .the right of terror did not just have the decline of rights but inhuman eacuionthat started outrages .in the year 1793 9 emiagras other know as traders to the french were executed publicly by guillotine this was supposedly “human” because of its sharp big blad it killed the person immediately most of the people of french thought this was normal but it was not . according to document F( nine emigres go to the guillotine ) it shows one person dead that is being pushed down a slope into the underground after someone was killed there head would be held up to the crown and put on a stick on a fence then  the body would be put under ground to wait for the rest of the people to be kill. but it was normal to execute mass numbers of people at once and not give the body to the family . This was highly disrespectful to the family of the executed, making it not human.

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