Homelessness Is A Growing Problem Essay Example

What would happen to our society if we let homelessness grow? Our society would keep on drowning if our community let’s homelessness grow. As of January 2019, Texas had an estimated 25,848 experiencing homelessness. This just proves that homelessness is growing not just in Texas but all around the world. Houston had 15,000 new homeless people in 2018 and only 3,000 homeless people who entered permanent housing. This expresses the fact that us citizens need to contribute to this issue and help solve whatever is taking place. The right time to take a stand is when there is an issue that is growing and might be dangerous. People need to take a stand for homlessness, homlessness has been growing and our own selves need to start building more homeless shelters so that these homeless people don’t suffer on the street. Without help there will not be enough awareness to homelessness and its impact that it is having on our society. 

Firstly, homelessness has been growing in Texas and it has been influencing our society miserably. There has to be a change and a way our society will make a change is by creating more homeless shelters with professional help. These homeless shelters will help the homeless people get off the street, it will help the homeless people get back on track, and will help the environment. The number of homeless people will keep on increasing and will not stop increasing if we don't do anything as a group to fix this issue. Megan Menchaca states, “Dallas, however, has seen a general increase in homelessness since 2009 — and a 725% increase in unsheltered homelessness during the same time period. City officials and homeless experts in Dallas say increasing housing prices and a lack of housing in general aren’t helping.”(Megan Menchaca 28) This piece of textual evidence states that there has been a 725% increase in unsheltered homlessnees during the same time period which was around 2009. As can be seen the amount of homeless people is increasing and there still aren't enough homeless shelters to take care of those in need. There is a need for people who are unselfish and can help out these homeless people. They need our help and they need it now. There are plenty of homeless people out there that have suffered from mental issues, disabilities, and drug abuse. Schizophrenia is an example,  think about what they might be going through. The text states, “For those living with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia, it’s crucial they have the medical, psychological, and social support they need. Without it, tasks like filing for benefits can be too overwhelming.”(Lifebridge 18) This piece of textual evidence supports my claim because it dramatically represents the right time to take a stand. Homeless people with these types of severe health issues need to be rescued and it has to start now. In addition there has to be more people trying to help so that these types of tragedies don’t occur. Humans should not suffer like this.

 Not to mention there are other ways that our community can help these homeless people and one of those ways is by building career pathways. Career pathways can help the homeless society dramatically. If our community builds career pathways for these homeless people they will be able to find jobs easier and won't have to struggle paying their bills. Career pathways will help the homeless people get back in a stable situation. Building career pathways can help homeless people get back on their feet and afford their rent/bills. The author writes, “One of the leading factors of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. Did you know, to cover the rent of a two-bedroom apartment at fair market value, a person working on the federal minimum wage would need to work a total of 112 hours per week!” (Lifebridge 11) This evidence supports my claim because it shows that these homeless people can’t afford their house. The reason for this is they can't find any jobs to help maintain a decent salary that can help them pay their bills. If our people build career pathways the homeless people will be able to find jobs that are more stable and can pay them consistently. If we don’t build a career pathway the homeless people will have to keep stressing about work because they will have to work more than a 100 hours a week to pay their rent/bills. Stress is never a solution. If our community provides essential resources for the homeless such as food, clothing, and water it would help the homeless community tremendously. This article expresses that, “4,217,470 people are food insecure. 25,310 people experience homelessness.” (Move For Hunger 3) This simple piece of evidence supports my claim tremendously. Us citizens have to take a stand and take care of these homeless people. There are 4,217,470 people who don't have food just in Texas, imagine how many people don't have food in the U.S.  there needs to be a change and it needs to start now.  Imagine not being able to eat or drink water for close to a week. What would that feel like? It must be miserable not being able to drink or eat food for almost a week. Our society has to start helping these homeless people and their health conditions. Our own selves can't fix it if our community is not donating food, water, and clothing to the homeless. There are also severe weather disasters that are going on and without clothing for warmth the homeless will suffer. Humanity needs everyone to contribute so our society can get the resources out further and quicker.

Furthermore, some people might say that these homeless people are ruining the environment, for example the text states “But no one has a right to set up a camp on public land or on someone else's private property. I've seen once-lovely city parks turn into disgusting and foreboding places.”(Steven Greenhut 10) One reason people are complaining about homeless people is that the homeless people are apparently invading the people's private property/space. One reason why people should care about homelessness is because some of these homeless people have mental disorders and are sick in the brain and body. These homeless people have no food, no water, and no housing. These people have got to start helping instead of complaining. These homeless people are suffering and people have the guts to say that they are ruining the environment or invading their personal space. The author writes, “Poor people are frequently unable to pay for housing, food, childcare, health care, and education. Difficult choices must be made when limited resources cover only some of these necessities. … In 2007, 12.5% of the U.S. population, or 37,300,00 million people, lived in poverty. The official poverty rate in 2007 was not statistically different from 2006 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2007). Children are overrepresented, composing 35.7% of people in poverty while only being 24.8% of the total population.” ( nationalhomeless.org 3-4) This evidence supports my claim because it proves that homeless people are struggling to pay bills and aren't finding a way to solve this issue either. If our community leaves them stranded then they will keep on struggling and our society will never be the same. Homeless people are in need and us people are the only ones who can help. If our society keeps on standing there not doing anything then homeless people will never be saved. These people are miserable and are hungry for a new opportunity. Let’s provide that opportunity for them. The text states, “Among voucher households, 75% are extremely low income (earning less than 30% of the area median income, AMI, or the federal poverty level, whichever is greater), 36% have a head of household who has a disability, and 25% are elderly. The national average income of a voucher household is $14,454.”(National alliance to end homelessness 5)  This evidence supports my claim because it shows that homeless people struggle from several different things and this is affecting them miserably. This should be resolved as a group. This evidence can not make anything more clear. The homeless need us and us citizens know it. No more hiding, let's go and make a change. Let’s make our community a new born family.

Taking a stand can save lives. If our community takes action in order to prevent homelessness our community will be reunited. The way our society can take a stand is by building shelters, providing food, water, and clothing for the homeless. This is a huge topic and there isn’t enough awareness towards this issue. We can make a change but we need EVERYONE! There is no time to waste. There are enough people in the world to help contribute to this issue. If one community shows initiative, sooner or later there will be multiple states or countries that will mirror this act and eliminate the rise of homelesness. This is the goal and it will be achieved one day. They’re the ones our community needs to save. We do this by building career pathways, supplying essential resources, providing healthcare professionals and offering affordable housing. These homeless people are begging for a new life and our society is not doing anything to help them. Let’s think about how they feel and what they are going through. What if you were in their shoes? Think about that for a second. Imagine you had no food, no water, and no shelter.  They must feel really empty inside. Humanity has to be humble and considerate. We have to rise above all and help the ones in need. We are the future and we can’t destroy that. Let’s MAKE A CHANGE!


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