Honors English Application

At a very young age I knew I had a passion for writing and have always worked diligently to improve my skills. When I was in third grade, my writing was used an example in class. I remember exactly the feeling of confidence this gave me and it has kept my desire to do better on the next project than I did on the last. My education has consistently been very important to me and I feel that being placed in Honors English is the ideal opportunity to get closer to perfecting it. 

I care very deeply for my grades and I acknowledge what expectations need to be upheld. I also have always found that English comes quite naturally to me so I would love to give myself more of a challenge in Honors. English is one of the classes I am most passionate to advance in, and I plan to carry that eagerness on throughout the rest of my educational and possibly professional career. Throughout my whole life I am always on the highest honor roll. I always make it a goal to achieve straight A’s and I hold myself accountable to it each year. I am involved in many different things whether it be sports or an after-school club, so I recognize the commitment of getting things turned in on time and always giving up extra time for my activity. 

There have been a variety of projects or assignments that I have completed that I have enjoyed and felt incredibly proud. A particular project that stands out to me was my blackout poetry project on the book The Outsiders. Initially, I was apprehensive and I wasn’t quite sure how to start, but once I got the hang of it I loved it and was able to concentrate and perform very well. I am extremely proud of myself for being able to promptly adapt and show a more artistic side of myself. It was definitely a project that impacted my love for writing and revealed my creative side.  

A book that I was thoroughly touched by was The Diary of Anne Frank. That’s the magical thing about English … it isn’t all about writing essays but the literature that we’re exposed to will stay with us for a lifetime. I would never have resonated as deeply with the true story of what happened and the discrimination towards Jews, without Anne’s perspective. The whole unit on Anne Frank taught me and affected me tremendously.

The opportunity to be in Honors English will enhance my written and oral communication skills that will help prepare me for college and the “real world.” It will also introduce me to books that will transform my way of thinking and take me places that only a good story has the capability of doing. Honors English is the perfect stepping stone that will push me to be a better writer, deeper thinker, and well-rounded student.



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