How Challenges Helps Me to Get Stronger in Life

How Challenges Helps Me to Get Stronger in Life
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Relationships, our academic and personal lives sometimes can be challenging. That’s why everyone has ups and downs in their lives. Personally, what helps me to get stronger in life and become a better version of myself are the challenges I face and the failures I have to handle. Especially the failures I go through makes me more decisive as a person. Either way, in the end, I get stronger, learn my lesson. For example, during my first year in high school, I wasn’t as successful as I am currently. My grades were the lowest I’ve ever got in my entire education life. It was almost the end of that school year when I realized the failure I was going through. When teachers announced the official grades at the end of the term, I felt so devastated. My results weren’t satisfying. I knew I could do much better, and my instincts said so. To turn this situation way around, I started to think about what could be the causes of my setback. One of them was the school I was studying at that time. It negatively triggered me, I can tell. However, the fundamental factors I spotted were not just because of the school also the mistakes I did. Such as not paying enough attention to my schoolwork and thinking that was okay just because I was a freshman. After I spotted the causes which I mentioned, the change started. Firstly, I wanted to attend a summer course where I can restudy all the 9th-grade lessons, even start 10th-grade topics before the opening of the academic year. My parents were supportive, so they accepted my request. That summer was more like a school term for me rather than a break from school. However, it was totally worth my effort. Classes helped me academically, but with the help of my mentor teacher, I also learned how to create my studying schedule, how to balance my social and school life. After finishing the summer camp and feeling recovered from my mistakes helped me to become more avid, I can tell. Having hardworking, competitive students around me and a rigorous academic program motivates me. Thus, my parents and I agreed to change my public school into an academically rigorous private school. It’s one of the best decisions I made in my life. I’ve been studying in that school with a scholarship for almost two years until now. The most important lesson I learned in my recovery process is believing in myself and pushing my limits until I achieve what I want, no matter what. Nothing is impossible unless you put in enough effort and stay patient until you achieve your goal. Some mistakes should happen to pull ourselves together and remember who we are. I’m glad I experienced that failure. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have the courage to apply to Exeter and write this essay about my story. I feel grateful!


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