How COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting Childhood Education

How COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting Childhood Education
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

The thing that interests me about this issue is the fact that everything going on during this time is affecting younger generations in more ways than people think.  The way that we have to social distance, wear masks and even learn from home. I feel as if children need to be able to learn how to communicate and interact with each other. Children need to learn how to share toys. Due to the current pandemic children are not able to learn normal human interaction. I truly wonder how it is going to affect the younger generation’s communication and relationship skills. Also when children are doing online school. I feel as if they are not going to be able to learn as much as they would if they were in the classroom. Which also relates to the current status of their home environment. Some children do not have access to computers or Wi-Fi. So that may put certain children at a disadvantage.  Also by children having to social distance and not be able to socially interact. It could lead to many mental health issues. 

My interest in this issue is that I have nieces and nephews that are growing up and I want them to be able to get the most out of their school. I care about the future of all children and many studies express and show the concern on how this will affect them socially in the future.  Childhood education is very important and is the stepping-stone for their future. It will be interesting to see how this affects their future.  I am looking forward to researching these different factors.  I am going to explore how it affects children’s mental health and future. I also wonder how they are going to judge whether or not the student can move on to the next grade. Some children may not be as far along as they should and that will affect them. It is nothing personal; it is solely due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and their current living environment as well. Also, tutoring is another thing that is affected. A lot of times it is more effective for children to learn one on one or hands-on. They are not able to do that due to COVID restrictions. It truly is hindering their ability to learn as effectively as they would if there was not a pandemic. I will look into what people and administrations are doing to help this situation so that I can organize my thoughts and points into things that are not already solved.  I hope that children will be able to start interacting with others. I feel like we will see larger numbers of children that develop mental health issues. With children having to wear a mask, social distance, and virtually take classes. Could that result in children having a hard time learning how to pronounce words, learning to share, and learning how to develop meaningful and healthy friendships? Many things are going to be affected due to the current global pandemic. Hopefully, things will go back to normal soon.

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