How does helping people help you?

How does helping people help you?
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

In my opinion people should be kind to each other because it helps everyone in the long run and because you might be in that position one day. There was a study in the United Nations. That shows 736 million people live on less than one dollar and ninety cents globally. There are things we can do to help, and in turn, it might help you.

Have you ever thought about what might happen if you were in the same position as a disadvantaged person? Many people become poor  by not attaining an education or by working low paid jobs. Not having a degree can lead to very minimum chances of getting a well-paid job. Even if you are hard-working, not having a basic education will get you nowhere. Many people have low paid jobs. Besides this fact, most people don't like their job. This will most likely entitle you to lose your job or leave your job. Just by not loving your occupation, you will end up being poor.

Many people help the less fortunate and in turn, reap the benefits of it. Such as giving them a purpose and relieving less stress and tension. Everyone in the world wants a purpose for their life. Whether saving endangered animals or helping starving kids in Africa get food. Everyone wants a purpose and, helping the poor population is a sure way to get a  purpose. Relieving stress and tension are things we all want to get, whether we are a teacher, student, girl scout, etc. In 2010 there was an experiment on people who gave money to charities. It shows that the people who gave money had low cholesterol. In Return for all these benefits and many more, all you have to do is help another human being.

In conclusion, helping the poor can have many benefits to you and for them. Although, many support the poor community. Some people want them to get a job and support themselves. Even if they wanted to, not having a proper education can lead to them not getting a job or getting a job at McDonald's. Where they have to deal with rude customers. I can guarantee you people in the poor community want to be able to work. But, because they made such poor life decisions.  It is what we do to help, which in turn helps us, as the saying goes “what comes around goes around.

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