How My Home Life Influences On Academic Achievement

My home life has seriously impacted me and my academic decisions/achievements. My mother went to college in Michigan to go into the medical field however she did not finish because she got pregnant with me. My father was in and out of jail his entire life so he didn't finish high school but later on received his GED so that he could provide for his family. My parents were never married, they were together for a while but unfortunately they didn't work out however they are now good co-parents. Both of my parents have always wanted me to do better than they have with their education so I have always wanted to do better in school, not only for them but for my future. 

In elementary school,middle school, and some of high school I always had upstanding grades, yet my junior year my grades began to drop slightly. The day before my first day of junior year my grandmother passed away which impacted my mental health intensely. Ever since I was little my grandmother was very sick and it got worse every year so I knew sadly she wouldn't be around forever, nonetheless I didn't expect to lose her so suddenly. We were extremely close and in many ways I believe she impacted my decision in wanting to become a nurse. When senior year of high school came around I realized that I needed to get my grades up and so that's what I did. I graduated high school with a 3.0 Gpa, honors and Ap classes, with a part time job.

I’m the oldest child in my family which came with a lot of responsibilities. I had to get all of my siblings to school on time while also trying to get myself to school on time. After school I would pick them all up from school and then proceed to go to work. I didn’t have much time to do my homework before school so after work I would stay up late to finish what needed to be done. If someone is planning on going to college senior year is when you start applying for colleges or trade schools. I saw all my friends and peers getting into their dream school which made me extremely delighted for them, yet it also made me feel low spirited.At this time I knew I wanted to go to college but I didn’t apply to any until the end of senior year because I had a lot of family issues going on at the time and I also wasn’t financially stable to put myself through college so I didn’t know if I should go. Ever since sophomore year of high school I worked at least 6 hours everyday after school so that I was able to go to college which at this point made me realize that I was going to try to apply to colleges even if I was further behind applying than everyone else because it is my dream to become a pediatric nurse.


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