How the World Works Analysis

How the World Works Analysis
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Sometimes we wonder how the world works. We wonder if there’s any real existence, how people came here in the first place, what’s our purpose, why do we love, and what’s the real feeling of it. Your parents tell you love is when you find that perfect one, you get married, and have children of your own to repeat the same, fundamental fairytales and sing the same sorrowful lullabies. Maybe getting to know the world is deeper than that. Maybe there’s a different reason why we are who we are. Why do we feel those lingering, burning, and warm feelings when we see that person? That person that makes you the happiest. Someone who you can go to when you want to know how the world works, but you're scared to explore. Someone that will let you take risks, to find those answers you’ve been wanting to find.  

You feel hopeless. What if you never find the real meaning of existence. It's aching to ask yourself that question because you desire to find love, desire to find the answers to how the world works. What is it about the world that you need to know? The truth about why I am the way I am, why I feel like this, why the stars answer my questions more than the ones I thought loved me. What if nobody loves you. Do you ever think of that? You won’t get to tell fundamental fairytales to your children, or sing sorrowful lullaby’s, and you won’t be able to find how the world works. Not without that person. That one that sets the dove free without it flying too high. You want to go high, don’t you? You want to let go because you're tired. You want to feel happy again, because feeling numb was the worst pain you felt. You want to go high because that’s where the one with the answers is. The one that will make pain go away. You will get to experience joy again, without worrying if you're feeling too joyous. People complained about that sometimes, didn’t they? Being “too joyous”. What if you were? If people really loved you like they say, they wouldn’t care if you were “too joyous”. Did he care if you were “too joyous”? He wanted you to be happy. He knows how numb you are. He’s going to be okay if you let go, he loves you. It’s okay. 

He didn’t let you go just yet. He still wants you to explore how the world works. Why stars align and seem to speak with you, or why clouds sometimes look like animals. You ask yourself again, “what is my purpose?”. Well, think. Is it to study the stars? Or maybe to guess which cloud looks like what animal. You know, maybe it’s to find love. Which you have. What do you do now? You really want to let go. You remember as a child your parents thought you were insane because of how many questions you asked about the world. “Mommy, what are humans supposed to do?”, “Daddy, was this Earth truly created for us?”. You felt like human existence was a burden to the Earth, like we didn’t belong. Like we would give the Earth a broken heart, from the way we live on it. You still feel that way. You feel like there’s no purpose. No purpose to get up every day, to eat breakfast, to brush your teeth, and repeat the same thing every, every day. So really, what’s left to do? He doesn’t want you to give up your journey yet. He knows you’ll find a purpose, or why the world works the way it does. He believes in you because he knows one day you will read fundamental fairytales and sing sorrowful lullabies to your children. To your children.  

“Your children”. How does that sound, dear? He knows one day you’ll have a family. A family to love, a family to not give up on. You tell yourself you really can’t give up now. You really want to. Maybe your children will show you how the world works. Is that your purpose? To find love, and have children? Children to love, and to not give up on? Maybe that’s the answer, the one you’ve been trying to find. No. There must be more to life than to have children. Men don’t have children, so what’s their purpose? You're getting very tired. Tired and hungry for the answers. You can’t wait much longer. There must be something else, it’s all missing. You ask yourself one last time “What is my purpose?”. Think. 

Wait, you're so close. You're almost there. Don’t give up just yet. Don’t waste your life on- 

It’s blank. 

You think back of everything, trying to enclose the thoughts. Did you make it? It’s echoing. Why did you give up? You didn’t wait one second. He didn’t let the dove fly too high, you let yourself free. He’s hurting. Why? You will never get to tell fundamental fairytales to your children, and you will never get to sing them sorrowful lullabies. You were so tired. You were numb. But if you could take it back, would you? There’s still so much to explore, and so much to learn from the world's existence. You don’t get to anymore. You don’t get to fulfill your dreams of searching for destiny. Do you know why humans were created, do you know why there even is an existence, do you know why people love, do you know how the world works? No. You don’t regret flying though. You feel relaxed again. Your memories are flashing, as you take the last breath. You think of how much opportunity you could’ve had. How much you could've learned about the world. Maybe you could have won the guessing game to see which cloud is which animal, and why the stars seem to speak to you when you were crying under the moon. You don’t need to cry anymore, there is no pain. It’s quiet. In the end, do any of us know how the world works?

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