How to Achieve Happiness Essay Example

Happiness is when one single- handedly possesses a positive state of mind. Although it may not be easy to obtain, our choices are what drives us into real happiness. Happiness is always a choice although it may not come off as easy; it'll take time to obtain. In the hardest situation there is always going to be a good in it. It's up to us and our decisions to determine what's good for us, and to find what truly makes us happy. 

" I refuse to accept other people's idea of happiness for me. As if there's a one size fits all standard for happiness."- Kanye West. Your actions help implement the pursuit of happiness whether it's letting something go, or gaining something to look forward too.  Everything is up to you. Self love and taking care of yourself is a huge move that leads to a positive connotation. Getting ready to go out, shopping for yourself, and even basic cleansing can all make you feel more content with yourself. Gaining body confidence can make such a major change in one's attitude and can change the way of seeing things for us. Gaining or losing weight is something people often struggle with ,but with confidence you can overcome it. People are often insecure about their looks or their weight, so to gain self love they could take care of themselves and start loving themselves to accomplish happiness.  Having something to look forward to can help perpetuate the happiness .By doing something you love or having something to lookout for you are permitting joy to enter your life. That passion towards doing something you like can often help out balance your happiness and possibly overweight it. Having a dream to follow can make you feel proud and can help regulate your emotions. It can also make you feel so much worthy about yourself. Accomplishing a dream can lead to success; which success and happiness lead to one another.  Your happiness and the way you achieve your happiness all come down to you. Your actions all build up and create your own path of everlasting happiness. The way you look at certain things and the way you react to certain situations help build a content and joyful persona. 

 Refraining yourself from negative people and thoughts can flourish happiness even when one finds themselves in critical circumstances. Making a life changing decision such as leaving someone toxic can withhold yourself from being gloomy. Being sad and feeling melancholy are a very common feeling but one can learn how to overcome it.  However, conquering happiness doesn't always come so easy.  It may come up in a hard way, but leaving someone who often hurts you is the first step into finding what drives you happy. Withdrawing yourself from hanging with negative people can help you escape through the barriers of grief and lead you to finding freedom. You can start looking for what you truly enjoy and you can find who the real you is. Often toxic people leave you questioning whether you'll ever find happiness or if happiness is even real. Leaving them can help you find a meaning to life and will have you looking at the bright side in life. Try surrounding yourself with positive people and your impelling desire to become happy will come true. Holding grudges and over- looking at things negatively won't help anything become better, try to overcome unfortunate situations instead. You can share your feelings to help balance how you feel and you can talk things out to help you overcome it without having to hold a grudge against someone, or without having to feel resent towards them.By talking it out you are helping cover that empty wound that will help you become an optimistic person. You can also acknowledge what the problem is and you can learn to forgive them, so you can move past that situation. By moving past the situation you are choosing to be mature and you're slowly learning how to move past sadness. 

The world can be harsh and very blemished, but it's up to you and your actions to overcome each and every situation by looking at the bright side of it. You can find happiness by overweighting the bad with the good. At the end of the day, your perspective and choice in situations lead up to your ability to create happiness. Happiness won't come in just like that, but with time and ambition it'll come to you along with strength.


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