How To Leave A Legacy Essay Example

How To Leave A Legacy Essay Example
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What can I do to leave a legacy? A legacy of something held and transferred to someone is their inheritance by will or Testament. Only famous people only leave a Legacy but in reality; it isn't something that can be determined just by status.  Legacy is something that all of us have within us. While Legacy is something that is best known for only celebrity' leave behind; it is best to know that everyone leaves behind a legacy. your family and friends will always remember who you were and the things that you have achieved throughout your lifetime.  Legacy is defined as something that one who has died has left behind I will it be stories items or even money it is something to represent the person who has passed. 

For example, Kobe Bryant when died everyone said that that we lost a legend.  while they were not wrong not only did, but he also left behind a legacy something into the hearts of others. From this example, you can see that Kobe Bryant touched the lives and hearts of many people internationally. When he died, you can see that many people were greatly upset about his passing because he left a legacy.

Another example of leaving a legacy will be someone's grandparents leaving and dying. When the grandparents leave, they said I will always miss my grandparents; regardless of if they were close to them or not they left behind a legacy. A Legacy is not something that a famous person is the only person that can leave behind one someone that isn't even the run-of-the-mill famous can leave behind a touching Legacy. “Carve your name on your heart's not strong stone at Legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories that they share about you.” The author of this quote is stating that a legacy is not just an item it is something that you leave behind that always touches your friend and family members when they ever think about you.

Some might disagree and say only celebrities leave behind truly meaningful legacies; but; that is not true in my opinion. It has been stated that even a simple person helping a homeless person on the street has left a big Legacy to that person because you never know how that affected them.” Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your friends. " It’s the longest-lasting legacy you will leave to your family. " -Steve Saint. There are many instances where a simple gesture could leave a legacy on to another's life.

In conclusion, a legacy isn't just something material-wise or celebrity wise or Legacy is extra into the hearts of others the way you never forgot, or your personality is never diminished. It is something that everyone will remember you for, and they will continue to tell others of Who You Are.

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