How To Spend My Time Essay Example

How To Spend My Time Essay Example
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Are we spending time with the people that matter the most to us? 

Is how we spend our time important right now?

Do places change with time?  

But, is what I Tasha Dominguez do with my time important right now with the who, how and where?

First, most importantly, is who I spend my time with. 

Most of my time is spent with my son, who is eighteen, and he has autism and intellectual disabilities. 

Just as equally my time is spent with my daughter, who is seventeen, and she has spinal bifida. 

In my free time it is spent with my professors and fellow college colleagues.

In addition to who I spend my time with. Is how I spend my time important right now. As a mother, my time is spent waking up in the morning, getting my son and daughter ready for school, while ensuring they have plenty of rest at the same time. Along with making their lunches and scheduling their Dr. appointments and cooking. I am extremely involved in my son and daughters lives.

Next, as a full-time college-special education honor student here at Temple College, my time is spent ensuring I log in to my courses every day, to complete my discussions, assignments and quizzes by the deadline to the best of my ability. 

Finally, where my time is spent, most of my time is spent at home where my family and I live. Another place where I go is to the Dr’s office where they provide medical and health care services to me and my family. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we persevere,  and at this present time I go online to access my college courses.

Therefore, time is valuable to me, it is something I can never get back. Now I can answer my question: is the who, how and where important to me right now?. Yes, the who, how and where is important to me right now. At the end of the day it is, the who, how, and where I spend my time that is what is really important to me right now.

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