Human Trafficking Essay Example

What happens to the victims? Once they are stolen or lured away from their homes, families, and friends, what happens to them? Human trafficking is a global issue, traffickers use many different tactics to lure in their victims. Learning what the crime is and how to identify these tactics cannot only save your own life but possibly others.

What is human trafficking? Human trafficking is when someone sells another human being into forced labor, sex trafficking, child marriage, and many more against other’s will for a profit. Traffickers use many different tactics to lure their victims in some of these tactics are emotional abuse, threats, and isolation, all of these tactics allow traffickers to gain control of their victims but in different ways. Emotional abuse lowers the victim’s self-esteem and dehumanizes them to where they no longer feel they are worth anything. While threats allow traffickers to create a sense of fear in their victims that if they don’t do as they say something bad will happen to them or their loved ones. Finally isolation, isolation allows the trafficker to make the victim cut almost all social ties and they become dependent on the traffickers. ¨Victims are made to believe that they are helpless and cannot survive without their traffickers’ help.¨ Human trafficking is a crime for profit they take other people and sell them for a profit, so how do you identify possible trafficking to avoid this happing to you?

Knowing the signs and indicators of human trafficking can not only make you aware of the situation but more likely to act or alert the authorities. Some signs that indicate possible trafficking are living with an employer, inability to speak alone, submissive or fearful, an employer has government/identity documents. Those should all be automatic red flags. The following are questions to ask the possible victim ¨While the victims may sometimes be kept behind locked doors, they are often hidden right in front of us at, for example, construction sites, restaurants, eldercare centers, nail salons, agricultural fields, and hotels.¨ Are you in debt to your employer? Has your family been threatened? , and can you leave your job if you want to? More often than not a victim is hidden by their fear, asking a few questions could save their life and many more. But how do you avoid human trafficking?

Learning how to avoid human trafficking is a big step in the right direction, once you learn how to protect yourself you can protect others as well. Some ways to protect yourself are to first be vigilant of your surroundings, avoid walking alone, act quickly if suspicious, don’t trust easily, as well as trust your instincts. ¨Listen to the intuitive voice inside your head. Check with family and friends for advice if you get offers that are too good to be true.¨ Learning how to prevent human trafficking will help prevent family and friends from being trafficked, furthermore, education on the topic is key to avoiding it.

Human trafficking is a global issue. It’s crucial that young people are educated on the topic. Traffickers prey on the uneducated and weak, education on this topic can help end this awful crime. Learning what the crime is, how to identify it, and how to avoid it can not only save your own life but other’s lives as well.


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