If I Was the Sergeant Major of the Army Essay Example

If I Was the Sergeant Major of the Army Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

Sergeant Major of the Army is the most senior enlisted member of the army and represents all enlisted soldiers in their command. If I was given the opportunity to be Sergeant Major of the Army, my first area of focus would be to change the way that we conduct our PT sessions. I feel that we are mainly focusing on long distance running more than anything else. Even on days when strengthening is supposed to be the main focus, we still incorporate a lot of running. Many people have movement deficiencies and muscle imbalances that cause their muscles to be easily overused and strained. To make it worse, we aren’t given the proper amount of time to fully recover and heal without having to get a profile. If I were SMA, I would try to make a standard PT plan for non-forscom units and limit the amount of long distance running to once a week and the other run days to high intensity cardio as well as focus on the events soldiers are falling behind in. 

Which brings me to the next area I would focus on which would be the ACFT. Where I lack soldiers, I need to concentrate more energy than other places, but there are other options every week. For example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are aerobic exercises, and Tuesday and Thursday will be strength, which will be changed once a week. The reason for that would be so they don't fall behind in their strongest areas as well. So, if I were SMA I would focus on where they are falling and help them maintain and improve on the Soldiers PT and help them stay out of the ABCP program.

The next area I would focus on would be the ABCP program and when the army didn't have the ACFT and it was just PRT we did have to focus on weights But now, we must concentrate on maximizing height and weight so I would change it slightly but the ABCP program itself I would change it because for most it is useful but to others, it's not but there is a lot of knowledge to learn from it but I would improve it to where it would be as a class for Junior Enlisted Soldiers to take that as if they have a battle buddy that is need then they would be able to ask a battle buddy and can improve themselves before they are referred.

And for my final area I would focus on finances because most soldiers that join the army don't know how to properly finance. Most soldiers are in financial debt because they either had bought a vehicle, home, school, married, or divorced. Those are just a few of the reasons they may have financial issues. I suggest you take advanced courses in finance and stocks so I would have classes on how to deal with money while you are in the military, coming to the military with financial debt and classes if you plan to get out of the military. 

I think these would be a good change to the military because they would be good changes if you are getting out of the military as well.  Clearly, there are a few things that could improve the Army and make it better than it already is. If I could fill the position of Sergeant Major of the Army, I would try to effect these changes amongst the ranks.

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