If I Were An Animal Essay Example

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  • Published: 31 March 2021
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Throughout the world, there are millions of different species. Whether it be the fish that swim in the sea or the monkeys that live in the jungle, the list never seems to end. Living my life as a human and seeing animals’ lives from a different perspective, it is safe to say that if I could be any animal I wanted, I would be a dolphin. Dolphins are best known for their intelligence and  playful nature. One of the things I most enjoy is to socialize and play around, two very prominent traits in dolphins. Aside from the similar traits I see between dolphins and myself, they also live in the ocean, one of my most treasured places. Everyday dolphins spend their lives swimming in the ocean with millions of other animals and enjoying their life in the sun. The beach is my absolute favorite vacation spot, so being able to live there would be a dream. Another distinguishing quality I find between dolphins and myself is the concept of group work. Dolphins are most commonly known to travel in packs. I thoroughly enjoy working with others rather than working alone, which is another reason I see similarities between dolphins and myself. 

Interpretations are something that often come into play when considering how you view others. Often, people will contrast interpretations of different things and people, and they are rarely ever the same. If I were to be transformed into an animal, not by choice, I believe I would be transformed into a bumblebee. The idea of becoming a bumblebee is never something I considered until I put into account some of the traits they possess. For starters, I see myself as a very sociable, high-energy person, but to others, it can sometimes be taken as overly social and too much energy. I believe that this relates to the bumblebee because they are known to fly around and constantly bother people. The never-ending sound of buzzing from ear to ear and constant swatting is what most people picture when thinking of a bee. The sounds of buzzing the bee makes can be connected to my sociable side. The idea of bothering people can be connected to how bumblebees fly around people but are known for not stinging, meaning I sometimes talk too much, but never with bad intentions. I believe that I am seen as a bumblebee by my friends because I am most sociable when with them. To others, I could be seen as a more shy, reserved animal. 

The animal I would choose to be, a dolphin, and the animal I believe others see me as, a bumblebee, are two very different species. One lives in the ocean, and one lives in a hive, one is big, and one is small, but when comparing their traits I see many similarities. One of the most prominent traits the two species share is that they are extremely sociable and high energy. These are two traits that I believe are strongly displayed on a daily basis. Another common trait the two share is that they are both known to work and travel in groups. Dolphins travel as a pack, and Bees work and pollinate together. The idea of working in a group is something I prefer overworking individually. In some ways, I believe you have control over how others perceive you, but there is always a part that is just out of your control. Ultimately, I do not have a problem with being seen as a bumblebee, because I believe that is a good representation of who I am, and by knowing my flaws I can work to improve myself.


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