Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Admission Essay

Illinois Math and Science Academy is known for its academic excellence, the passionate teachers, and their notable alum who revolutionize their respective fields. These are amazing qualities that give IMSA the notoriety of being one of the best schools in America. I hope to use the collegial level education, connections with esteemed people, and access to extracurricular opportunities. Through my experience of self-studying Geometry, online tutorials of learning code, and learning about web design, I have ascertained that the only limit to the growth of a student and a students’ education is their determination. The effectiveness of a YouTube video compared to that of a teacher is clear but with time and focus the same results are achieved. I hope to gain experience that can’t be searched up on Google. With IMSA assisting me, connections with esteemed people will help me navigate life outside the classroom. The result of my current school, GEMS World Academy Chicago, the recent establishment is a lack of internships, extracurricular, and connections; in hopes to further my education as a scholar, I am applying to nurture my creativity and become a better global citizen. The esteemed alums, internships provided, TEDxYouth opportunities will help build an impressive portfolio that will transcend my time.

Specifically, as a first-generation African-American, the diversity gap in the medical and computational science fields is an obstacle. In 2015, there were no Blacks enrolled in computer science classes. With the unfortunate racial discrepancies in America to make real change, you can't fit the norm. Courses such as Advanced Programming, Linear Algebra, BioPhysics, Computational Science, and more will deepen my understanding in those fields of study coupled with the demanding schedules will mold me into an even more competitive student. Additionally, after the first glance at some extracurriculars, involvement outside the class space is important. BSU, Med Team, Competitive Programming, are valuable ECs and offer important lessons outside the classroom environment.

Additionally, the competitive environment produced by having qualifying students would be an eye-opening experience for me. The schools I have attended were of minute grade sizes. The biggest class I’ve been in consisted of 28 students and the smallest class was 12. This left a small margin for high levels of competitiveness because there weren’t many to compete with. Admission into IMSA, surrounded by experienced people in their craft will push my creative intelligence. Knowing that many students potentially more knowledgeable in their craft gives something to strive for so complacency isn’t an option. By sheer competitiveness and yearn to learn new things, and experience with other competitive students will deepen my knowledge.

IMSA will aid in the foundations of collegial learning and leadership, connections with respected people, and help shape me into an even more competitive student.


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