Impact of Globalization Essay Example

Impact of Globalization Essay Example
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The world can be a disconnected place.  Finding ways to connect areas, people, culture, and the economy is globalization. Increasing interactions between different regions and populations around the globe are also known as globalization. Globalization is a major factor in the changes and trends of the world. It has globalized many things like society's health. It shapes the way people cohabit as humans. It is a changing process that has been around for a while. It can be dated back to Christopher Columbus' journey to America. It is still used today and has changed the world in  numerous ways (Babones and Babcicky 101). Globalization has robustly transformed the economy, technology, and the world's health.

Globalization has changed and modified the economy of the world. Globalization of the economy can be seen many centuries ago when there were continental ancient networks of trade routes. For example, in the days of the Columbus’ voyage, there were exchanges of beliefs, artifacts, and customs from place to place. The article Globalization says “ The Silk Road, an ancient network of trade routes across China, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean...”(National Geographic Society 2). This quote tells how the Silk Road was a trading route for many countries in Asia. This supports the idea of the globalization of economics because the Silk Road increased the wealth of the seller and it allowed better transportation to get these items that were on this Silk Road.  The economic effects of globalization have increased the interdependence of cross-border trade, the demand for goods and services, and the flow of international capital. Countries rely more readily on each other for the exchange of goods and services. An example of this is the United States who relies on other countries for materials. In The US will have a hard time not getting these products from China, it states “Over $560 billion worth of goods came into the US from China in 2018, making up more than 21% of the value of all goods the US imported”(Kopf 1). The US is known for using other countries for supplies but this is showing how the US buys goods from China. This is important to the globalization of economics because it allows for China to make a huge profit for the items that they sell to the US. It also benefits the US because the US can resell these things also making money. This type of method can be seen almost everywhere in the world.  This method is known as trade-driven globalization. Globalization is a progressive process. Globalization of Economics impacts society by growing the wealth of a nation and exchanging new materials across the world. (“Globalization: Definitions, Benefits”)(National Geographic Society 2)

Globalization has had a great impact on the world’s health. Health knowledge is now shared globally at a much faster rate given the advancement in technology and satellites. Surgeries can be performed remotely and drug treatments are being provided globally. Human lifespan across the world has increased. Like most good things there are always cons. Information provided via the internet only benefits if you are able to access it and treatment only if you have the money to afford it. Globalization has the potential to harm populations also. Globalization harms human health by creating sicknesses. It can create health inequalities based on the national income of the country, national labor laws, and political-economic power relations. Globalization was the main cause of the spread of illnesses like Covid-19, Ebola, and the Black Plague. No country was spared from the spread of Covid-19 and depending on the country’s wealth to handle a pandemic somewhat determined the impact of the disease on the nation. Wealthier countries like China, Canada, and America had the money to do fast research in developing a vaccine. Poor nations who do not have the industries to make products like masks, ventilators, or medications rely on other countries for help. The article International Review of Modern Sociology states that other pathways that globalization impacts health are: “ The spread of corporate food systems and the resulting deterioration in diets. The rationalization of the workplace and increasing casualization of work. Social inclusion and exclusion arising from the increasing importance of internet access. The expansion and industrialization of illegal drug supply chains.  The peripheralization of rural peri-urban, and indigenous populations (Babones and Bacicky 104).”  Corporate food systems are mostly seen in rich countries.  Examples are factory farming, large portion fast food meals, ready-to-eat meals, vending machines,  and sweetened packaged foods. These foods are high in fat and sugar with low nutritional value. Advertisement has increased the demand for corporate food systems. Globalization from the corporate food systems has contributed to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular epidemics. In poor countries, there are also health disparities created by globalization. In less developed countries drinking water has been degraded increasing the risk of widespread antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Babones and Bacicky 105). Smoking has had a great impact on nations over decades. The product has increased the wealth of many small countries as an export but also has been a globalizing corporate killer when it comes to health outcomes. 

Globalization has impacted technology improvements and changes. The Information Age started in the mid 20th century. This period is known as the age of technology and the internet. Due to the globalization of technology during this time, the normal way of communication and connection began to change.  In the text  Globalization, it states “...1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo could be watched in the United States…”( National Geographic Society 4). This quote tells how this was the first time to see the Olympics from so far away. This shows how the globalization of technology changed the way people communicated. With this invention, people were able to stay at home and watch it rather than having to go out to see which saved them time.  This change wasn’t only in America, it began to spread around the world. Over time improvements were made to this machine and is known today as the TV.  Although technology can be entertaining and essential to life it can also have risks as well. The US and China have traded many times with each other but in recent years they have been facing some disagreements over products. The text The Risk of Technology Transfer states . “China built its technology base in part through acquisitions, licit and illicit, from the West. While China has made immense progress, it still depends on Western technologies. The interdependent relationship that China has used to modernize itself”( Lewis 1). The US buys inventions from China while China makes them. The problem with this is China is driven by IP theft. This created a problem because they aren’t crediting the people who made the things. Although the globalization of technology benefits society significantly with things like media and phones, it also causes problems like these where countries become rivals. (Lewis 1) (National Geographic Society 4) 

Globalization has changed the way we network and do things in the world. It impacted many things from the food people eat to the economy of great nations.  Globalization has improved technology. This improvement has allowed people to communicate across the world. It has saved many lives around the world due to the spread of new treatments and cures. It also has increased the wealth of many nations. Globalization has changed the world significantly through technology, economics, and world health. In the future, globalization will continue to impact and change the way people live as a community. These changes can help and hinder people but will allow the world to experience new challenges.

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