Impact of Social Media on Self-Esteem

People today are judging themselves due to low self-esteem. This is due to the fact of social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. These forms of social media have been causing low self-esteem in teens as well as adults each day. Due to these factors, mental illnesses have been on the rise causing people to harm themselves physically and mentally. Teenagers, as well as adults, are constantly using these social networks which make them more vulnerable to low self-esteem.

Social media is causing many to have body dissatisfaction. “Understanding the factors that may prevent or exacerbate the negative effects of media exposure of body dissatisfaction is important to facilitate the prevention of these problems. This study evaluated the effects of exposure to thin-ideal media images in three instructional set experimental conditions: appearance comparison, peer norms, and control” (Siân A McLean2). People need to know the circumstances that can cause major effects on themselves this is the reason behind all of the social media facts. Due to the content that people see every day they are constantly having the idea of being thin. People who try to look as thin as celebrities or others around them are not just hurting themselves but hurting the ones who care about them. These facts are very important for people to understand how trying to imitate the thin modern-day standards will negatively affecting them as well as the people around. 

Media platforms are causing anxiety and depression. “Some studies place the blame with social media itself as the trigger for symptoms of depression and anxiety; while others present data to support that increased social media usage is a sign or symptom of a potential mental illness” (Gardner, Alexis 1). Altogether more than a million people are on social media which is causing thousands to have anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. These mental illnesses are one of the main reasons for teens and adults to be insecure and upset about themselves. These illnesses could potentially hurt people physically or mentally. Scientists have done studies however they hold social media against the reasons why so many various people have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. The platforms have also been known to thrive from these aggressive and deadly illnesses.

These insignificant platforms have been causing substantial drama. “On Sept. 20, one influencer sent a tweet criticizing the popularity contest that such metrics create. "[We] should be able to participate in social media without having to show how various followers or likes we have," wrote over-celebrity Kanye West.” (Steinmetz, Katy 1). People should not be compelled to display the plentiful followers, they have just so that they can become popular. The popularity is not the contrivance to go for considering all it has done, which has caused a tremendous amount of drama. People should not base their looks on the popularity a person has. These are some of the main reasons behind all the drama and low self-esteem.

Some might argue that these telecommunication apps hurt people’s self-esteem the reason is how males and females have anxiety and/or depression. In the article “What constitutes vulnerable self-esteem? Comparing the prospective effects of low, unstable, and contingent self-esteem on depressive symptoms” (Sowislo, Julia Friederike 1) A growing body of studies suggests that low self-esteem is a risk factor for depression. These risk factors are growing higher with each day however it is not fully clear why these platforms cause substantial problems. “Nevertheless, it is unclear whether other characteristics of self-esteem, not to mention its level explains incremental or even greater variance in subsequent depression.” (Sowislo, Julia Friederike 2). For all human beings there is always that one desire to be liked, to be substantially beautiful, and to be popular whether it be in school, out in public, or on social media. The internet community is one of the immense reasons why people have low self-worth.

Teenagers and adults are constantly using social media which makes them more vulnerable to low self-esteem. Don’t just take one look at someone and think they are fine because maybe they are not, these social platforms have been tearing and breaking down each person throughout the years. These facts upon the social media networks have been known to cause a lot of body dissatisfaction in teens and adults.  Due to the amount of body dissatisfaction, it has also brung anxiety and depression into light, these illnesses have been escalating throughout all the years the facts conclude that social networks are engaged by these deadly and server mental illnesses. With these mental illnesses comes along drama this starts with gossip, followers a person has, and the way a person looks, these certain things has hauled into people’s lives. These are the reasons and facts behind social media and how they thrive from these mental illnesses, drama, and body dissatisfaction.


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