Impact of Technology on Family Life (The Veldt by Ray Bradbury Book Review)

Impact of Technology on Family Life (The Veldt by Ray Bradbury Book Review)
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Veldt'' shares a family's use of technology. The house that they live in fully operates in technology. The family is unaware of the consequences to come. The story shares that technology harms people who are reliant on it. More importantly it can negatively affect one's relationships with others.

Technology affects relationships in particular ones depending on it. Technology can mainly take away from parenting. The psychologist and father, George walk into a nursery with three massive screens that display disturbing context. The psychologist breaks the moment by saying, “You’ve let this room and this house replace you and your wife in your children’s affection. This room is their mother and father, far more important in their lives than their real parents” (Bradbury 6) Clearly, technology is inevitably assuming the role of parenting causing the children to replace the real parents. Technology will allow the children  to explore a wild range of anything they would possibly want. No one will be there to guide them through the rights and wrongs. This will negatively impact their future and possibly harm them. In addition to the children, technology will continue to direct the children to their pleasure. How dependent the family is on technology truly harms the bond and have lost affection amongst each other. Technology can easily change children’s mentality negatively. The children are upset with the decision their father had made on shutting down the house and the nursery. To the fear of closing down the nursery. The children have shut  their parents in a room, where hungry lions await. The parents fell in a trap inside the nursery. They can hear from the other side of the door their son saying, “Don't let them switch off the nursery and the house.”(Bradbury 8) Clearly, technology can explicitly alter the way the children see their parents. They have no emotions towards their loved ones. They could not connect with their parents to notice the importance of them. The children were not given the opportunity to learn from mistakes and stop those mistakes properly. The children are now in harm because of the fact that they cannot reverse their action. The technology has greatly affected the children’s mentality by seeing greater value in technology than people. They would take more precautions to save the technology than their own parents. To the great importance the technology has on the family it negatively broke the affection between the family to the point of death.

The over reliance of technology has great harms. It can largely affect one's relationships and has pessimistic views. Noticeably the way one constantly relies on technology strips away so much in one's lifetime.  Clearly, this shows that actions have consequences. The children have grown up by the accessibility to technology which made the parents quite unuseful. The family had gone overboard with the technology that results in the dangerous change of mind in the children. Therefore the actions that the parents have taken in engaging their children with technology has led to dangerous children and death.  Even though technology has many positives, many should be mindful of the negatives as well.

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