Importance of A Role Model Analysis

Importance of A Role Model Analysis
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

Having a role model is extremely important to have a positive influence on your outlook towards life. A role model is crucial because you can learn from their personality and take certain aspects of it into your own daily routine, as well as learning from their mistakes and expertise on solving certain issues to set higher goals for yourself.

For starters, it is vital to adopt an honorable role model because you can take some aspects of their routines and personalities for your own to help with personal growth. To illustrate, in one book, a successful man writes about how he owes all his success to his role model, because he used him as a template and perfected his idol's mistakes, and became the best version of himself. Having a hero in your life is as if a cheetah had a rocket booster, as the hero would boost you no matter how fast you are.

I believe it is significant to have a mentor who is in a similar field to that of your goals, since that would make it even easier to practice their habits and methods. I remember, once in a contest, I used the methods of someone I knew was a professional at that, and it led me to victory.

Secondly, it is good to have a superstar who has already reached their goals and who you can learn stuff from, to be able to set higher goals for your own life and use theirs as a stepping stone. For example, another successful man said in a speech that the easiest way to succeed is by another person's success. Possessing a worthy role model is like having someone hold your hand through a one million path maze. Personally, I think, it is meaningful to use tactics that have already been proven to work. I recall, I once saw a content creator perform a trick, so I grabbed the trick and I set a higher goal to make it more impressive.

All in all, it is considerable to own an ethical example to look up to, since by doing that you can not only be able to learn from their mistakes and set higher goals for yourself, but you can also implement fragments from their habits, daily routines, and their personalities.

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