Importance Of Animal Conservation Essay Example

Importance Of Animal Conservation Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 May 2021

Imagine walking down the street looking up in the sky and seeing bald eagles and hearing about the grizzly bear roaming around the forest in packs of 12 happy and flourishing. And next thing you know two months later finding out that these exact animals were actually endangered species and on the verge of becoming extinct. We have been experiencing this issue since the late 1960’s since we saw tons of wildlife starting to become more and more endangered, and finally decided to take action to begin conservation. Animal conservation should be a primary concern of federal and international governments. Because it can help with the endangerment of species that we need to flourish, create more funding for the organizations that help with conservation, and create a stable and well-functioning ecosystem.

Since the late 1960’s we have witnessed numerous cases of animal endangerment and animal extinction, and although the media does not cover this issue it is an issue that we need to bring forth and bring attention to. In 1914, the passenger pigeon went extinct which was surprising because the century before they were a species that thrived across north America. It was even labeled one of the most common birds on the continent, but this animal’s extinction really caused the people to start looking into conservation (Endangered species, Early conservation efforts). So, after realizing that we had an issue we still let all these species run out and did not pick up the problem until Roosevelt’s presidency in the 1960s where he passed acts and laws that were looking to help with this issue even quoting “the government needed to take a more direct role to prevent the extinction of certain creatures” (Endangered species, Early conservation efforts). So, they passed acts such as the endangered species preservation act in 1966. Which was a start but still needed improvement as it was limited in jurisdiction in certain lands and places. (Endangered species, Endangered species act). And although the topic was starting to gain momentum it was in the twentieth century where it started to gain criticism. The issue now was that as we were helping with conserving some of these pieces of land, we were taking indigenous people out of their home and running them out of the area. This created remarks saying that it wasn’t right that we were taking these groups out of this place that they had lived their whole lives just to try and save some species (endangered species, Criticism and changes). But in the early twenty first century we started to think about sustainable living in which we would not have to cause harm to this people while still being able to protect the animals that shared the land (endangered species, criticism and changes). 

As stated by Larry Gilman we have taken several precautions and actions to try and solve the issue, but we still have a way to go to help these poor animal species (Gilman, Larry). In 2008 the zoological society of London and worldwide fund for nature released results stating that land bases animals’ population s dropped by 25%, marine species by 28%, ad freshwater by 29% (Gilman, Larry). So, this goes to show that we have not made enough effort to try and solve this issue.

Leading conservation organizations such as the IUCN, born free USA, and others need more funding by both international governments and organizations. An organization called the IUCN, or the International Union for Conservation of Nature has been a big turning factor for conservation. Founded in 1948 by national governments and international organizations, this organization has been a key factor in caring for these animals that no one even knows are extinct. The IUCN is the leading organization that we turn to specifically because of the “red list” (Blackwell, Amy). This red list is an inventory of endangered species or species on the brink of extinction, that is monitored by scientist all over the world. The list is a gathering of scientific data such as field surveys, population counts, reports of development and construction which help these scientists determine whether or not an animal is being threatened (Blackwell, Amy). The red list is separated by categories depending on high risk the animal is and is so beneficial on knowing what animals we need to pay more attention to. And although this organization is set up pretty good, more funding would benefit it greatly as this would allow them to host more labs and reports to help these species (Blackwell, Amy). And more money would let them explore more places around the world because although this red list is loaded with most of the world’s animals’ population, it is still said that there are many species that we have yet to explore and research (Blackwell, Amy).

 Another great organization called Born Free USA, is an organization that helps animal whether in the wild or captivity try and help them strive and live happily. They have a primate sanctuary in south Texas where they are housing 500 monkey in facilities where they also host research to try and find ways to help monkeys strive and live (Blackwell, Amy). And being that they host all these monkeys, money from the government can greatly help this organization with more resources and utilities to help these animals.

Bringing more awareness to this issue can heal our ecosystem. For years and years many ecosystems have been hurting due to lack of certain species, which has broken food chains and food webs. Lack of certain species may cause competitors to adapt behaviorally (shift diets), adapt by evolving new characteristics, or die out (Gilman, Larry). These animals that are missing are dying out due to habitat destruction, this destruction is caused by development, resource extraction, hunting, and pollution (Gilman, Larry). In turn the extinction of these animals is actually affecting us because we need some of these animals to be a part of our food chain and webs to survive. Gilman supports this point and even backs it up by saying. “the present mass extinction is unique in that it is being caused by a single species-ours- rather than by natural events; furthermore, biologists agree that the effects may be so profound as to threaten the human species itself”. So, I feel like showing people that we are being affected by this issue will cause us to be more inclined to help and spread awareness.

Since we could remember, animal endangerment and animal extinction has been an issue that we have pushed to the side and have not addressed as well as I think we should. we need to bring this issue to big media sources and different sources around the world to try and raise awareness for what is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The world needs to help with endangerment of animal species, help create more funding for organizations, and create well-functioning ecosystems. Animal conservation should be a primary concern of federal and international governments.

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