Importance of Censorship to The Community Essay Example

Importance of Censorship to The Community Essay Example
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📌Published: 17 April 2021

Have you ever seen something horrifying that you have seen on the internet that you wish you never saw? In my personal opinion, I disagree with Webster's belief in censorship. I believe that schools and the government should censor online content because students should stay focused on school. For example, we want to protect our children from inappropriate content, And harmful speech that could affect them. 

To start off, Censorship benefits us because we want our students to stay focused in school.” Even though there is censorship, students should not be on any site because it’s the district’s property”. Censorship is very important to the community because without it most kids wouldn’t pay attention in school. With the help of censorship, we don’t need to worry about our kids being on websites that they shouldn’t be on. Did you know that censorship makes a big impact because it makes a great impact on them in the way they learn and how the schools serve to educate? All this information helps us now because we know how much censorship helps our children.

Second of all, Thanks to the censorship we as parents don’t need to worry about our kid’s safety.  we all want to protect our children from inappropriate content. “Small little kids can always be on a website that can be over age and that they are not allowed to see”. “On the internet, there are very few barriers around age-inappropriate content”. Children could easily stumble on any violent images or age-inappropriate. Granting censorship to the government and creating elements, would help them throw off the use of the internet for also harmful criminal activities. 

Third of all, Harmful speech can always affect a little kid mentally, and emotionally. Harmful language is all over the internet but with censorship, it’s a safer area when it comes to the internet. Its purpose is the comprehensive protection of children and youth. The effects that harmful content that they can access or find on the internet may generate on them. Without censorship, in all aspects, our children are not safe on the internet cuz anything could pop out or they could misclick on an inappropriate website. 

To conclude, censorship helps in all ways to prevent our kids from being distracted in school, inappropriate content like nudity and violin, or finally harmful speech. I personally think we should care about this because we want our kids to be safe from anything that could affect them and censorship is the way.


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