Importance of Environment Essay Example

Two-thirds of the plant population is at risk for extinction but without plants, humans have no chance at surviving (Are humans more important than plants). Dr. Joshua Shepherd (University of Oxford) says “There is some evidence of plants demonstrating long-term memory and learning”. When plants were dropped their leaves receded which caused damage but soon after recovering they adapted and started to grow even more. Plants and forests give us more than we think; they provide us with medicine, shelter, fuel and they even purify the air that we breathe. Therefore the needs of people are not more important than the needs of animals and the planet.

Because humans depend on animals and the environment for survival we don't take priority.“We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency—a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here” (Gore). Without humans, the earth would prosper but we are the ones causing all of the damage. Humans kill 3 billion animals a day for food even though we need to protect the plants and animals from dying. We need to focus on caring for the environment instead of ourselves to save the planet and everything else on it.

Although some believe that the needs of humans are more important than the animals and the environment. However, this cannot always be the case. The environment and the organisms that live in it are vital to our survival. “We willfully ignore that dolphins and whales have larger more complex brains and we dismiss any speculation that animals think, make choices, dream and have emotions" (Watson). Humans are the ones what the definition of intelligent is, but we don't stop and realize that the animals we are killing may be more intelligent than us. Just because we don't understand animals doesn't mean that we should choose to take priority over them. Humans put themselves in the center of everything our mindset is if it does not affect me then it is fine but there is so much more we need to worry about beyond ourselves.

As a result, humans need to understand that the environment is the lifeline of all humans and organisms. Humans overlook the fact that the environment is essential for our survival. We do not  understand how vital certain organisms are. If we take priority over them then we die as well. If you watch what you throw in the trash or just use a refillable water bottle and even stop eating ice cream you can make a small impact. Therefore Animals and the planet should always take priority over humans and their needs.


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