Importance of Friends in Our Life Analysis

It is important to have friends because they can help you relieve stress, be there for you when you need help; however, on the other side friends can also be bad.

Friends are always there when you are stressed out. Friends are there to help ease the stress. When you are stuck on your Algebra homework assignment and need something to help relieve yourself and walk you through it a friend will mostly be the one you turn toward. A friend would be there when you get sick and miss a week of school and are worried about the work. They would be there to bring you the work and step by step walk you through it. A friend is going to be there for you like Bob was for Todd. They stuck together to help each other out.

Friends will always be there for you when help is needed. The main reason you have a friend is to be there for you when you need the help. The best of best friends are always there for each other. When you need help because your car broke down, friends will be there to help you fix it or get to where you need to be. Friends also are there to help you when a relative or close friend passes away. Many things are more simple like if another person offers you something. How are you going to make this tough decision? Here comes your best friend to help you get through and make a decision. The Lone Ranger and Tonto were there to help each other get out of trouble.

Friends can also be bad for you because they are an influence to do the wrong thing. When you are hanging out with them or doing something with them any strange thing could approach. For instance what if someone approaches with something as simple as a vape. Your friend may be the one to try to get you to use the vape. Friends can also influence you to do something wrong like stay out past the time your parents wanted you home. 

Friends are important because they can help you relieve stress, be there for you when help is needed; however friends can also be bad.


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