Importance of Friendship Argumentative Essay

If you have one true friend in your life, then you are lucky. Friendship is important because it allows you to be social with someone and gives you support.

Friendship is important because it allows you to talk to someone and be social with them. For example, whenever I am feeling the need to chat with someone, I call my close friend of 5 years. The reason for calling doesn’t have to be serious or important but it is nice to know I can call them whenever I feel the need to. Giving your friend a call allows you to express yourself and your feelings in a healthy way.

Another reason why friendship is important is it gives you the support you need. One example showing this is in the Harry Potter series. In the series, the main character Harry Potter must find items named Horcruxes and destroy them, then he must fight Voldermort himself. Originally, Harry planned on completing these tasks alone, but his friends insisted on aiding him. In the end, Harry had a much easier time fighting Voldermort with the support of his friends. Even when you may not want it, your friends can support you and ease difficulties.

Friendship is important for many reasons, some including support and socialization, so go out and make a friend!


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