Importance of Knowing Yourself Philosophy Essay Sample

Importance of Knowing Yourself Philosophy Essay Sample
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📌Published: 30 April 2022

Man throughout his life deals with the knowledge of the world, of various phenomena which may make us think that we know everything, but in reality we know nothing. We spend so much time of our lives dealing with the lives of others that we forget what is most important, knowing ourselves. But why might self-knowledge be necessary?

To live and understand life, we must first know and understand ourselves, the person we are and this process requires time and commitment, we even say that it is very difficult, but not impossible. No one can know man better than himself. Man is not a static being which means that he and his behaviors will constantly change over time. So we must recognize ourselves as a continuum, having a past, present and future, which affect the way of life of the individual. This is what makes us a special being, a being different from others.

Each of us possesses some character qualities that make us unique and are exactly what create the personality. To know ourselves requires being real with it. He who engages in self-knowledge is a man who has good relations with himself, he is the one who gives more importance to the inner spiritual and intellectual values ​​and not to the external appearance, he is the one who knows how to respect and accept the other as is. Knowing oneself is about considering not only the best side of oneself but also the bad side. The important thing is to know how to accept ourselves as we are, and not to put on some masks on occasion, to embellish or hide what is in reality.

Man knows himself, not only by looking within it, but also by the way others see it, so man can create that deeper knowledge. Often a person is not sure who he is, doubts himself, is surprised by the values ​​and behaviors he displays without thinking to anyone else. If man does not understand his inside, he finds it impossible to understand what is happening outside of it, and he also finds it impossible to understand the other. We need to know ourselves in every way possible, to the point where we are confident in our decisions, to the point where we can say, "Yes, that's what I want."

Knowing ourselves is very important because it helps us build self-confidence, helps us accept ourselves with the positive and negative that is in us. Man, no matter how hard he tries to know himself, it remains unknown to him. Let us not be afraid of knowing ourselves, even though sometimes it is difficult and tedious not to give up, but to continue persistently saying: Who am I?

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