Importance of Mental Health Essay Example

Mental health has impacts on both yourself and your peer’s lives. Mental health is very important because if your mental health is acting up it can make you act a certain way and it can make you get upset with people and that’s where your peers come in. Mental health can also affect the way you think of yourself.

Mental health can get in the way of many things, including friendships. When people act up they tend to scream and say a bunch of stuff they don’t mean to people. Say you got mad and you took it out on friends, they would stop wanting to be around you because you kept yelling at them for stuff they didn’t even do. Aer a while it causes your friendships to disappear. It’s not just affecting you, it affects them too.

Your mental health can be affected by you thinking that your not good enough or people telling you terrible things about yourself. When you get those thoughts in your head they start to stack up and you start believing them. Believing in them can start making you think you are not meant to be where you are in life. It can also lead to suicidal thoughts when you hear it over and over again in your head. Make sure your health is first before anything.

Mental health has impacts on both yourself and your fellow peers. Your mental health is a big part of life, so make sure it’s not affecting you in a negative way.


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