Importance of School Activities Essay Example

Importance of School Activities Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

School activities are so important for a student to participate in. Joining a club is one of the school social activities whereby the students may encounter while they are enrolled in school. The clubs vary from academic, sports to volunteer work and each kind of these activities assist to improve the student’s character and even may inspire one to take a certain career path while growing up as an adult. And if I have to choose what type of club I would join, I would choose an academic club for some reasons.

Firstly, Joining an academic club can put you in a perfect environment to meet students with likewise sort of thinking with whom you could be friends even outside the club, and the right companionship can have a very positive effect on someone’s decisions and lifestyle. Furthermore, being engaged in an academic club, one can encounter with many professors from various disciplines, which opens the mind to different academic possibilities. Moreover, one can learn from experienced professors about the pros and cons of the academic career and how a professor spends his time in real life and whether that kind of life is worthy for the time and effort, one had to give away to become an academic. 

Secondly, learning how to think and write in an academic way is another advantage, one could acquire when participating in an academic club. Because writing papers or essays are a typical requirement and topic in different courses whether one is an undergraduate or even graduate student. 

In conclusion, joining an academic club can give anyone who is particularly interested in being in the academic field someday, the basic skills and introduction for this life and career.

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