Influence Of Advertising On The Image Of Beauty

“Your waist isn't small enough,” “You should weigh x amount,” “Your hair should be tamed,” “You should wear these types of clothes,” “Try this keto diet”.  These are all common phrases that are said to women daily and can leave ever lasting effects on women’s mindsets. However it does not only affect the mind, it could just as well affect the body negatively, too. After all, what starts from the inside will eventually show on the outside. So when women have this type of toxic and negative mindset because of not only what advertisement tells us, what society tells us as well, our bodies are just as negatively affected. Society gives unattainable and unrealistic standards for women and then the advertisement companies profit off of it. So I propose there be more realistic advertising, as to not hold women to such an unrealistic standard and make society realize these standards are simply not possible so that these negative mental and bodily effects no longer occur nor do companies capitalize off harmful advertisements and products.

Advertisements and products can negatively affect one’s mental health if one does not have what’s considered society’s perfect bikini body or an hourglass figure. When women see the “idealistic” types of bodies plastered everywhere, on social media, on posters, on billboards, stores, their self-esteem gets lowered an extreme amount and women start to have a negative view of their body image. I’ve even heard my mother be discouraged about something she wanted to wear. She didn't think it would look good on her because she thought she didn't have the idealistic body for a literal article of clothing. I’ve even done the same. Maybe you have as well. Now, just a reminder I am only 14 in 8th grade. Most people would think I would be thinking about grades or when I’m hanging out with my friends, but yet I haven’t even started high school and I already think about my body image every single day and even limit myself to what I wear because “it doesn’t look good on me”. “It doesn’t look good on me”,” It doesn’t look good on me”, 

“It doesn’t look good on me”. A negative mindset that many women have today because of these advertisements have coerced them to believe that for simply the profit of it. 

By lowering self-esteem and body image women start to buy products that are targeted towards those insecurities. Maybe it’s a weight loss shake, maybe it’s a corset or waist trainer, maybe it’s a skincare product. To get faster “results” one might abuse these products just to get whatever the ideal result from these products and these can harm the body. However, the very act of them buying the product  Eating disorders are also very possible because of these advertisements. “Maybe if I skip this meal-” No. This should not be a daily activity for some women just because they saw an overly photoshopped image of a famous model. 

Companies highlight insecurities in their audience and feed off of that by providing a product that promotes a solution to their insecurity. The customer of course purchases the item, giving the business more success in hopes that what it promises will help make a “better” version of themselves. “Well, more realistic advertisements would be less appealing” With such displeasure in one’s body image this is completely possible with it being common to express your distaste of your own state that you reflect that negativity onto others that are just like you but are likely more content in the state they are in. However, this step is unavoidable. It has to happen so that, in the future being surrounded by these realistic representations in the media and advertising, women will become more comfortable with their body image and won’t inflict such negative mindsets onto others. Companies' income from these insecurities isn’t as important as millions of lives and many more lives to come. If there is a change now we can perhaps prevent that mindset, which is implanted from childhood to adulthood, by surrounding people with realistic advertising. If women can see that advertisement and see themselves in it that would eradicate the idea that they should be striving for “perfection” and finally begin feeling acceptance. I would much rather be able to wear that bathing suit that I saw on sale and enjoy my food than spend money on a weight-loss shake because I “need” it and I’m sure many others would certainly agree.

Beauty advertising has always targeted towards the insecurities of their audience, and will c continue to if there are no changes made, while it is effective marketing the externalities of it are very negative. Self-esteem should not be based on a photoshopped image of a model or someone who simply just has different genetics than the next.  It should not be the cause of an eating disorder that plummets the health of a person just so a company can make a few extra bucks. With more realistic advertising we can prevent a lot of these negative long-term effects on people and start having a more positive way of advertising these products. We can stop commercials from starting with “Do you have…”, or maybe, “Trying to get rid of…”, and start having actual helpful solutions to their problems and not an ineffective shake.


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