Interior Design Career Essay Example

Using the Scholastic articles, I researched the art career of interior design. Interior design consists of creating a plan and design for a home, room, business, or public building. These particular artists have to use many elements of design in their work to create the most suitable room for their clients. The article also explains how an interior designer works when designing a room or area and the careers that can be found in this pathway.

In the Scholastic, I found that to create a complete design, an interior designer must use the elements of style, balance and scale, color and light, and pattern and texture. Clients can enjoy many different styles, allowing the room to be designed based on these likes. Some may enjoy a country-style, using practical and casual designs with vintage pieces, while others may prefer a contemporary look, made with simplicity, Designers must also use balance and scale to ensure that a room is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. The room must be designed in a way that is effective and contains a balance of large and small pieces of furniture. Color and light must be used to create a certain feeling or mood within an area. Colors and light can both help bring unity to space and make a room functional for its specific purpose. Patterns and texture can make a room more unique and fitting for one style, keeping it from feeling dull. Using these elements all together to create a single design, can make a thorough and appropriate design for the space.

A designer must use the concepts from the elements of design in a process to create a design. This process often starts with meeting with their clients to discuss their particular style that they would like to see in the structure being designed. They must also find the measurements of the room, the function of it, and their budget they must work with. The next step is to draw a plan for the room, adding doors and windows, along with a sketch of where the furniture will be placed. After the plan has been created and approved, the style of furniture and color scheme must be discussed. Wall and floor coverings, fabrics, and window treatments must now be used to design the background of the area. The designer and clients can choose the lighting they wish to incorporate into the room, to best fit their needs. The final step in this process would be to add accessories to the room, such as personal items and final design touches to complete the look. 

Interior designing careers and education may vary among different designers. The majority of successful designers have formal education prior to them entering their careers. There are designated schools for teaching about interior design, such as how to draw designs, measure rooms, and make scale drawings, how to decide what furnishings fit a space, and how to design structural changes. Their designs can range from homes and businesses, and learning about the history of the art of design. Organizations have also been put into place to help designers get started in a career. They can then choose the specific area they want to work in, from working in a store to advise customers to actually designing homes, offices, restaurants, schools, and hospitals. This art career can contain very diverse opportunities in education and within the work field as well.

This is a very complex and important career in society. Interior designing can make rooms and buildings become more interesting and fitted to a client’s needs and wants, improving the user experience by better managing the space. It is a way to better the lives of people who live or enjoy a certain place, improving their quality of life through design and decoration. In the Scholastic article, I discovered that interior design has evolved greatly throughout time. The designs differ dramatically from the Middle Ages period of beauty and comfort to the Early American styles of functional, but yet vintage. Overall, interior designing is a very elaborate art career, with many different ideas and opportunities, that make the world a more enjoyable place for many.


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