Iron Triangle Of Health Care Essay Example

According to BMJ Publishing Group,  “In the seven years from 2000 to 2006, an estimated 162 700 Americans died because of lack of health insurance”.   The cost was too high for a lot of Americans to buy health insurance so the concept of the Iron Triangle regime was born.

The concept of the Iron Triangle of Healthcare was first introduced by William L Kissick, M.D, DR.P.H. in his book, Medicine’s Dilemmas”.  The iron triangle has three components: access, cost, and quality. All three components are bonded to each other and, as a result, improved quality can lead to a rise in prices or a decrease in access. As a consequence, the Affordable  Care Act was set up to help low-income persons/poorer class people who do not have health insurance.

In my opinion, the Iron Triangle of Healthcare is a great regime to be used throughout America. If healthcare costs should decrease the poorer class people would have better access to healthcare but poor quality. The Government along with third parties should ensure that the iron triangle regime is used throughout the USA to ensure proper healthcare for all. 

Through such an initiative, poorer people will be more willing to visit their doctors to prevent certain illnesses than finding a cure after they are ill. 

Finally, life without health insurance is very difficult. The reason being, poor people receive no healthcare, and this causes the death rate to increase. The ACA is a good idea and should continue using the Iron triangle because it’s an effective method that helps poor people in America.


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