Is Competition Necessary for Success? Argumentative Essay

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  • Published: 10 May 2021
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Competition is an absolute to succeed in life, back when I was in usta I always lost early in tournaments, unlike my friends who always got to at least the top 3 places in the bracket. I was never the best but a small spark of competition rose in me. I practiced and pushed myself harder than ever to catch up and to surpass my friends in the tournament.This was possible because of the spark that formed.This taught me the Competition is necessary in the process of rising to success.

Competition is a strong force that promotes learning and motivation for any type of situation you could experience in life.Many people are unmotivated and procrastinate all day long wasting their time.The thought of my friends or family doing better than me at anything gives me a deep sense of motivation to outshine them and to get working.When my friend and me were in 8th grade we both were a grade ahead in math than everybody else. The tests were like taming a savage animal incredibly stressful and demotivating, but the thought of my friend scoring better than me on the trigonometry test was enough for me to get up and start studying.Without this level of competition, hard obstacles in life can leave you broken and washed out. Maintaining constant competition is extremely important to move forward in life.

Thinking past the aspect of motivation competition helps people acquire many new things that could aid them in succeeding.Many competitive sports like debate help kids and adults alike learn about many new topics they are going to debate about.The more competitive you are the more eager you are to learn how to debate and how to win debates.We don't have to stop at debates even if you play basketball or soccer you would strive to adopt new dribbling techniques to get past your opponent. Competition propels you to win by forcing you to learn as learning is one of the best ways to grow and surpass your limits. When I played basketball, I possessed a fervent desire to win and to do that I retained to learn about many new plays in basketball and many innovative techniques. Due to this I became extremely intelligent in gameplay and strategy.Without competition hurling you into the ring to learn, succeeding in life would be impossible as they say Knowledge is power.

Competition has a vastly fundamental role in success, as competition inspires people and helps them learn what they require to get past all the obstacles they cross in life.Without competition no one would sustain the drive to resolve any problems or achieve anything to help themselves or others.


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