Is it Ever Okay to Quit? Essay Example

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  • Published: 11 May 2021
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“Nothing is worth it if you  aren’t happy.” - unknown. This can relate to many different things. Think about, how could this relate to your everyday decisions?  Many junior high students struggle  with deciding whether or not to continue or quit an activity. Experts say it can be healthy to quit sometimes. Junior high kids have to pick and choose what they can keep up with so sometimes they should quit an activity. I think it is ok to quit. 

“Quitting isn’t always the “wrong” choice.” (18) A lot of kids are taught to believe quitting is giving up and that is a bad thing. That just isn’t ture many people have to give up one opportunity to gain another. You can’t do everything and that is ok.

Experts say it can be good to quit. Here's why as a teenager myself it’s very easy for me to lose motivation when I am not very good in an  activity. If it is causing you to feel overwhelmed and taking you away from your education, it's a sign you should quit.

This is especially true in middle school. As a middle schooler you should be learning how to manage time. When going into high school you will have more options and will have to pick and choose what you can handle. If you pick too many things and start to fall behind in your education you should quit a few of your extra activities.  

The strongest reason I see that you could have against quitting is “Sticking it out shows integrity…”(19) Yes staying with something until it has finished it’s time looks good on paper, but does it look good on the people who are “sticking it out”? What I mean is sometimes when a person is just “sticking it out” it can really affect their mental health. Our mental health should always be our number one priority. If someone isn’t happy with what they are doing this can reflect on how they respond to other activities they used to enjoy. 

I could go on and on about all the little things that could be affected. At the end of the day it is  still up to you whether you think quitting is a good idea or not but you should keep in mind a few things before you decide to quit or to “stick it out”. Does your activity make you happy? Do you feel like you can handle it till it is over or a “better” time to quit? Is there something you want to do more than this?


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