Is Social Media A Waste Of Time Essay Example

Is Social Media A Waste Of Time Essay Example
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📌Published: 21 April 2021

Social media did not exist when Jesus was alive. They wrote letters to account for any experiences they had, or drew paintings to capture significant moments in time. Whether or not the notion of Christianity is valid, photo-evidence, and direct outside accounts of things Jesus did would hold more validity. It would’ve made people believe in him more dearly, or confirm in their beliefs against him. All the wars, the hate, the prejudice could have been solved with social media. Social media is in no way a waste of time. With this technology, we can connect with people faster than ever before, and see things we would’ve never had the chance to. 

Apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are some of the most commonly used social media apps teens use to connect with one another. These apps let people say whatever they want to say and give them the option to share it with friends, family, or even the world. With Snapchat, people post on their “stories”, sharing info about their day, opinions, and many more things due to the freedom the app gives.. Now-a-days the term “I’m snapping someone,” can mean that a romantic relationship is forming due to constant interaction in the app. Along with Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are two huge apps in forming connections. You can follow someone and like their posts to indicate you would like to be mutual. It is even common to make friends with people across the world with these platforms.

With the rise of technology came photography and video. Social media thrives off of these visuals. Across the world. billions of people are living lives we will never have the chance to experience. With social media, we have this opportunity. We can see Tiktoks in Korean schools, Twitter rants about life in the US during this pandemic, and even Snapchat stories of political events in Venezuela. These things that we are seeing we would’ve never had the opportunity and ease to do before. We can contact family and see what they are up to, contact friends we have maybe not spoken to in awhile, and we do all of this from the comfort of our own homes. Communication is at an all time high with social media. 

Social media is a valuable resource. It is one of the greatest technological advancements of our time, and has shaped human nature and how our generation is perceiving information, making important decisions. and lets us see things we would’ve never before.  The idea that social media is a waste of time, is not true. Social media should be something taken advantage of by as many people as it can. It is a privilege that we can communicate with the people we know, and meet new people we would have never met before with this innovative technological advancement. 

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