It's more important to work at a job you enjoy , even if the salary is low

It's more important to work at a job you enjoy , even if the salary is low
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Worldly pleasures satisfy you to the moment you are having happiness beyond that if someone gives you a diamond in an exchange of a toy you have since childhood, would not provide you the satisfaction. I would prefer having an interesting job with low pay instead of a boring job with a high salary.

I don't like working for long hours. Even if I prefer this kind of job for money thinking, it will be exciting, no it won't last for a long time. Let's take an example, if you hate eating green vegetables and for your health you start having them daily, it may excite you for a shorter duration but eventually you will start having something you love eating like pastries after having leafy vegetables to satisfy your will.

I believe that everyone should focus on their future or long term returns then running after small incentives. Tell me, why does your wardrobe mainly consist of the colours you love or the clothes that comforts you? Yeah, you got it. Because it provides you the maximum utility than any other dress.

If for my family I sacrifice my dream and get a higher pay for the job I don't like then in the long run, it will frustrate me and they also have to bear the consequences for it. As said, "True happiness can be spread only when you are also happy."

Doing a reluctant job will decrease the accuracy, efficiency as well as competency. Majority of the time after sleeping hours, is being given to the job and if you are not having enthusiasm to learn something new every day, now feeling mundane, makes your life miserable.

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