Journey Is More Important Than The Destination Essay Example

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  • Published: 10 May 2021
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What is a journey? Some people say it is when you get from point A to point B. But they are wrong. A journey is a transformation for a goal. Do you have a goal, a true goal that you want to stick to? A goal that you can learn from? A goal that you could finish again? When is the journey more important than the destination? The journey is more important than the destination is when you learn from the destination, you don’t cave in, and are willing to do it again because you are proud of what you’ve gained from the journey.

Learning from a journey is key. When you learn from a journey it will help you in many different ways. The destination is important, when you learn something from your journey that benefits you. For example let's say you wanna learn how to fish. You need to learn what you can fish first of all, where to fish, and how to catch it. Once you learn all of those things you may be able to catch a fish. As long as you can learn and gain knowledge from your journey you’ll want to do it again and you will be prepared with prior knowledge from last time. According to the text, “Gone and Back Again: A Traveler’s Advice”, “Talk yourself into packing less stuff. The more journeys you take, the sooner you’ll discover you don’t need as many items as you think”(476). This proves my point that when you learn from your journey it could benefit you. As a result of learning from your journey it transforms you from a more knowledgeable individual. The more you learn the more you know.

Another important reason why the journey is more important than the destination is when you accomplish your journey it makes you work harder the next journey you have. When you win at anything your natural natural instinct is to want to do it again. It's a great feeling and is the same feeling when you learn how to accomplish a goal which is the same as when you finish your journey. In the well known series, The Odyssey (Part 2), it states, “You yellow dogs, you thought I'd never make it home”(540).This proves my point because the whole reason why it takes Odysseus so long to reach home is because Odysseus needs to prove that he is an epic hero; it was a very tough journey but I don’t think he would replace those twenty years he was gone from his family with anything. Once he got home he realized how much the journey helped him in the long run. This is another reason why the journey is more important than the destination.

Lastly, another reason why the journey is more important than the destination is not caving in. No matter what your destination is don't give up. Let's say you wanna lose weight. Your goal is to lose 5 pounds a week for a month. You will have to learn what to eat and not eat. Also learn how to cardio and workout. Now it's been a month. You have reached your goal and like the changes you have made. You followed through with your goal without changing your original goal. It might have been hard but you beat your goal without lowering your prior goal. You learned things along the way and transformed to what you want to be. Don’t cave in when things get tough because then what is the point of your journey with no will power. In the short story, The Return, it states, “And standing at the bank, he saw not the river, but his hopes dashed on the ground instead”(591). This proves my point that if Nyokabi never turned back to check on the village he would never have figured out what happened with his friends and family; and sure he thought of drowning himself since he has no family anymore but he continues to state, “He did not know why, but somehow he felt relieved. Thoughts of drowning himself dispersed”(591).

He pushed those sad thoughts out and realized that he can get through this chapter in life.

Overall the journey is more important than the destination. But you need to learn from it. You need the strength to do the journey again. Never cave in, times get tough but that's how you will succeed in life. That's also how you build character. The journey is more important than the destination is when you learn from the destination, you never gave in, and will follow through with it again.


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