Joy and Heron Movie Review

Joy and Heron Movie Review
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📌Published: 21 April 2021


Joy and Heron short film is a lovely, little film about a dog, Joy, their owner, and a heron. It expresses themes of loyalty, generosity, and gratitude, but in the end, this picture shares a more broad and knowledgable lesson about something quickly fading in modern society. This story portrays the wonderful message of kindness and how important it is. This theme is displayed through Joy’s loyalty to their owner, the kind act of giving the heron the worms, and the heron’s thank you gift of fish. 

Joy Story Joy and Heron: Acts of Kindness

The first act of kindness that is presented in the short film Joy and Heron is Joy’s loyalty to their owner. Joy’s willingness to defend their owner’s property really develops how faithful and dependable they are to the people they love. Joy could have easily let the heron take the worms without warning their owner or fighting back, but they chose to defend their master’s property out of sheer loyalty and kindness. Even when Joy was feeling dejected from their owner’s constant complaints against their continuous barking, they persisted until their owner saw the bird. These little acts of kindness went a long way in solidifying the message of benevolence Pixar wanted its viewers to learn while watching this short film. 

Another instance of kindness in this brief movie happens when Joy gives the heron a pile of worms. This happens after Joy spots the mother heron return to a nest of three hungry baby birds. Joy feels remorse at the fact that they kept these helpless and starving babies from having a meal. They promptly set a group of worms on the side of the boat for the mother heron to feed to her children. This display of sympathy shows the common good of all creatures and how sharing and being generous can have a positive effect on both parties. By accentuating the saying “sharing is caring”, Pixar created a solid foundation for their beliefs on the importance of kindness.

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