Kidnapped Story Essay Sample

Kidnapped Story Essay Sample
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📌Published: 01 April 2021

The time when I almost got kidnapped on an icy cold Thursday, December 17 the day before winter break, I faced the biggest fear of my life being kidnapped. It all started after school I had stayed after school to make up my grade for science class because I had a b in it and I wasn’t satisfied enough with that grade so I usually didn’t have ride anytime I stayed after school because my dad was in states and my mom was at work and she usually doesn’t get off until 5:00 pm and my house is 1 mile away. I left my school somewhere around 4:30 pm. I could feel the cold breeze going through my jacket as I was strolling.

Half mile up the Dixon road, a man driving a red Chevy with a canopy in the back had asked me if I wanted a ride. I suddenly paused and got blanked out because I felt uncomfortable replying to that weird man, so I had told him “no” however he kept on asking me, by the time he had asked this question 6 times, hence I just calmly walked away but he was sharply following me, so I got super suspicious of him and started sprinting. At that same moment, he hopped out of his car and started chasing me, it was very dark and onto that it started snowing. I was very exhausted I could barely breath, my bag was very heavy it was slowing me down. The whole time, I was yelling for help but there was no one I could see in my sight as most of the people were at a basketball game at my school. However, by this point, I was simultaneously shivering and dripping with sweat. 

Minutes later, I had finally made it into my house. when made it in my house I grabbed a phone, and a knife locked all doors closed all the blinds I hid in my parents’ room I had locked the door and blocked it and turned off the light, that way if he broke into the house, he wouldn’t figure out which room I was in. Nobody was home, he started kicking and made a small damage to the door. Nevertheless, I held my mouth with my right hand to make sure he doesn’t hear me crying and puffed. I suddenly remembered that I have an appointment and my grandma would be here shortly to pick me up. When she reached, she had no clue what was going on until she saw a man walking away from our front door hiding his face. She instantly guessed the situation and started knocking the door. I could only hear my grandmas furious voice through the door, “Honey, come out its all safe” x-3.So, I calmed myself and walked out to hug my grandma as everything got fine. Later that night I talked to the police, but they could not find him because it was so dark for me to get his license plate but a week and to this day they have not found the man.

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