Kindergarten: The Changes from Play to Work

Kindergarten: The Changes from Play to Work
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

 Kindergarten is a crucial time for every child, and it starts their education and makes them ready for higher grades. It helps kindergarteners to interact with their fellow classmates and acquaint themselves more with nature. But in recent decades, play time in the kindergarten has drastically decreased and started to focus more academically. Kindergarten should not be transformed into a more academic environment and less play time, because children are not physically engaged and it will be a burden for them if they are focusing more on how to read, write and do math at that small age, but at that age, they are supposed to develop their skills and have social strengths. 

Kindergarten is a place for children to develop their basic abilities and to build their confidence. If kindergarten starts to transform into a more academic environment, then what’s the difference between kindergarten and first grade. According to Friedrich Froebel, kindergarten is “a place to fill with plants and flowers and nurture children’s curiosity.” It wasn’t supposed to focus more on academics. There, children develop their social interactions and imaginative strengths, and build confidence for their future needs. Nowadays, more parents work, so their kids have to go to preschools and daycare centers, and in there, they begin to read and write more, but not play, which is essential to kids who are at that small age. The National Association for the Education of Young Children also states that the kindergarten and the first grades should develop diverse abilities of the children, not just academically. (Source A) Because of the increase in academics, the play time and social interactions between the kindergarteners dropped. This makes them boring and don’t feel engaging and fun, during the classes. (Source B) Kindergarten is about diverse opportunities, not just one element.

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