Learning How to Learn Book Review

Learning How to Learn Book Review
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📌Published: 09 April 2021

In the book, Learning How to Learn, we learned about the working memory and the long-term memory. The working memory holds what you are thinking about at the moment. It contains the information you are handling. Yet, the working memory is limited to the amount of knowledge it can store. The working memory can sometimes forget. When we go over new concepts, it helps us to retain the information. The long-term memory can hold an abundance of information. Everything you recall from the past is stored there. Such as memories, concepts, and ideas. The book, Learning How to Learn, gave the metaphor as follows. I want you to imagine a school bag and a locker. Your school bag is much smaller than your locker. Lockers can fit a lot, while school bags can't. A downside to using a school bag is that things can fall out; this mostly happens when it's too full. The working memory is like the schoolbag. They both are limited to what they can hold, and we have to cling to it. Otherwise, it will slip. The long-term memory is like a locker. They both can retain a lot. In the next chapter of Learning How to Learn, we will learn how to improve and use them.

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