Letter Example to Ida B Wells-Barnett

Dear Ida B Wells-Barnett,

My name is Sydney Lemos, I am a Freshman at Hollis Brookline High School. I have read about all of your accomplishments. You have battled sexism, racism, and violence. While doing that you joined together with many great leaders of your time to accomplish things like boycotting the World’s Columbian Exposition. Your protest about white mob violence would go on to help prevent the killing of black men due to the mobs. You would be pleased to see the progress we have made in the equality between a white man and a black man. During the past year, Americans focused on fighting racism and proving that Black lives matter. The amount of effort you have put into fighting for women's rights has shown because every step that you took is being followed by another one. Women are starting to take charge and will not let men step all over them. We have shown great growth with women's rights, you would be proud to know that we have our first black female vice president voted into office this year. There are still many things to come in our near future, I know that one day we will all be viewed as equal regardless of our gender or race.

Sincerely, Sydney Lemos


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