Life Changing Events: Personal Experience

Life Changing Events: Personal Experience
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📌Published: 06 April 2021

Changes in my current reality (Covid-19, protests, and politics) have made me more aware of an arising global consciousness and prepared me to become a more informed citizen by being provided with more information about different cultures and creating a space where I learn about what is happening around the world outside of my own. I have been able to become closer with people who share similar cultures and lifestyles as me, but also had the ability to meet people whose situations differ from mine and learn from it. 

Covid-19 has identified opportunities to step back from my own busy life and take a moment to look at the people around me and learn about their situations. I am incredibly fortunate to have parents who can work a stable job with a steady income, so unlike many of the people around me, I was not in need to work another job on top of school, and I had the resources to do well with online school. Not everyone has the same privilege and resources, so learning and becoming successful is harder for others. Along with learning about different situations, I was also able to make a change, like donating money and resources to different organizations, and to people in need. 

I have become a more informed citizen by following organizations like Black Lives Matter, and also by conversing with others about politics, and changes happening not just in our country, but also around the world. Watching different news channels, going through social media, and even talking with friends has taught me how to be more open-minded, and to learn to accept others even if their opinion is different.

Changes in my current reality (like Covid-19) has granted the opportunity to think about my culture, and also meet new people who share the same culture, or situation I do. I was able to learn more about who I am, and was able to become close with others that shared the same interests. However, not only was I able to become closer with people similar to me, I was also able to learn about people whose situations differ, and although we may be different, our friendship is still occurring. 

Our country is very diverse when it comes to lifestyles, cultures, and habits, and through changes to my current lifestyle, I was able to realize their situations, and learn from them. They taught me to pay attention to the world around me, as everybody is unique, and all have obstacles to overcome. Although changes can mean unfortunate situations, these changes to my current reality guided me to become more involved with others and provided learning opportunities about many unique cultures: including my own.

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