Life Experience Essay Example

Life Experience Essay Example
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The importance of overcoming obstacles is crucial to the success of humankind. Unless we fail, we don’t know what we’re doing wrong. Imagine if the world had no mistakes, it would be a dull world without life with people working, almost like robots, as in the book A Wrinkle in Time, written by Madeleine L’Engle. Transferring and receiving experiences, character development, and resilience are critical when overcoming life’s obstacles. 

As Albert Einstein once said: “The only source of knowledge is experience. You need the experience to gain wisdom.” When you give or receive experience, it is as if you are there experiencing the event. Sharing them helps you build relationships that will last lifetimes. Have you ever thought about why they ask, “Sir/Madam, do you have any prior work experience in this field of work?” If you do, the chances of you getting hired will increase. This is because the company you work for foreshadows that you will fail seldom, but work experiences make the chance of that happening minimal, for you will stop yourself and others from repeating the same mistake you did or witness others do before. Failure paves the path for success. Some of the largest companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google, were made from failure. AA is an addiction help center for people addicted to alcohol, but why do they work? Is it because of the professionals there, they play a massive role in it, but the reason is that every alcoholic sits down and talks about what they are there for? Some came of their own volition, and the court-ordered some. They sit together and share their experiences with alcohol and the law; about how it affected them and their families; those experiences shared in the room are why most people rethink their decisions; they wonder, and in most cases, stop. The greatest asset one can have is not money, not real estate, not cars; experiences are your largest asset. As John C. Maxwell said, “Without failure, there is no success,” failure makes one improve their being. It empowers you to find your imperfections and overwrite them. That is what makes us succeed, for there is no human without flaws.

Imagine that you started a company and you succeed at one task, and it pushes your business to be part of an influential, competing companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple. With this success, you begin to become conceited and burn money on nonsensical project ideas. After a few months, you become bankrupt. Although this happened, you learned from your mistakes, your values change, you go in for round two, and even when you climb back up, for days, months, but you don’t stop you keep driving forward, it sounds absurd, but it happened, it happened to the great company Apple, they would have closed down, but became fortunate with an investment, the same also applies to Marvil before they started to make movies. It shows how much a simple change of attitude can improve you as a whole. When people enter the work field, most care about survival and paying off student loans, but as time flows, their objectives change, and now it is not for survival. It is to exhibit to others until they fail and lose everything. You can see this rather clearly in most Asian or Arabic households, that they like to flaunt their wealth, but it wasn’t always like that; they also needed to pay off student loans. Still, that attitude was the cause of one of our family friends, they were rich, but the actual predicament was in how they showed it, they would invite everyone once a month to a dinner party, and give everyone gifts, we warned them that they would be taken advantage of, but the Joseph’s didn’t listen, people were coming left and right asking for money, and in the end, they ran out. No one would pay back their generosity. That didn’t hinder them; it took them only four months to return to the same state they were before; only this time they didn’t give as much they invested in it, and because of their previous mistakes, were more modest with their money. A change in ideals can be difficult because of one’s culture or viewpoint, but once you let go of them, you become peaceful once over again. Have you ever looked at a psychological profile of a person going into university at the beginning of the year and the end? You will see that their way of thinking changes if you have. The same applies to junior high students; we all come from grade six being excited. Yet, in grade nine, you will see drastic changes in grade seven fresh out of elementary if you received a seventy-six on a test, you would be unhappy, even mad. Even so, in grade nine, you are considered smart in math to get a seventy-five core average. The change in attitude is because of environmental changes, and the new information you were taught starts to become immune to unsatisfactory grades. All you care for is to pass with a sixty-five percent average in every class. After failing many times, you begin to study not for excellent grades but to survive and pass. The content failures trigger your fight to flight response, and you start to learn like never before you start to cram everything. To succeed, humans will do everything necessary; that’s how it has been following ancient times people would even kill to get what they want. 

“My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon.”― Mizuta Masahide; this quote means that even if you fail, always look at the bright side of things, this goes to show that if you have the will to fight, the will to live, the choice to stand up for what is right, then you are resilient. Imagine that you got in a traffic accident, and they need to amputate your limbs; look at the bright side, at least you did not perish like the other driver, most people would have thought about how they were going to live like this and complained, but you showed them extraordinary resilience by not breaking down after losing your limbs. Most would say that this way of thinking is inhumane. If you were about to die and after you lost your limbs, what do you think about losing your limbs or surviving? The answer is simple, to stay, for that is our natural survival instinct. Unlike antiquity, even without limbs, there are tools to help with daily activities. In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, when Will’s wife left him, he did not allow it to push him towards depression as most people would; or, he moved forward to form a more hopeful future for him and his son. This shows extraordinary resilience; if something like this were to happen in today’s world, they would stop functioning. Emotion is a gift that we have but seldom gets us better; it takes courage and incredible resilience to get through troublesome times. I AM MALALA, written by Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist; she showed remarkable strength by not stopping her excellent work even when shot in the face by the Taliban; instead of stopping there to make sure her life is safe, she held her ground. In the face of death threats and the front of a gun, she didn’t falter an inch. She stood proud and strong. That is what it means to be resilient to stand up for what is right even if what you’re standing up for might get you killed or executed. Another example would be the book Wonder written by R. J. Palacio; when Auggie was bullied with Christopher, he received back up and took off his cover, and went to face the world. It shows great courage and resilience; most people would go back to hiding. This indicates that resilience is not about fighting by yourself; no, it’s about having the will to fight; it doesn’t matter if it’s by yourself or others; what matters is that you don’t give up the face of adversity. 

Without failure, there is no success; everyone should be thinking this, be it if they are working or even messing around. That experiences, Character development, and resilience are the three most important when overcoming life challenges. As Jean-Baptiste Poquelin said, “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it,” so let’s overcome them and feel the glory.

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