Lifestyle Changes in the 1920s US


The 1920’s also known as the, “ Roaring Twenties,” evolved a new culture for society. During this time there was a shift in economy,politics even daily life. Sports rose to the top benefitting women rights, the entertainment industry made a boom authorizing families to be closer together and as life was changing many people found new, “identities” along with ways to truly express themselves. Many points can support an argument being that the social changes of the 1920’s positively  influenced a change in Canada greatly. 

Sports have always held  a huge role in the world throughout many decades, permitting it as an enjoyment to all. Specifically, the 1920s resulted in a peak for women rights as sports accepted women to play just as the men. This unleashed a golden step into equality for both genders, supporting the fact that women are capable of doing anything. On the website, Woosterwomeninsport, an author shares that, women began to get more freedom in sports in the 1920’s. With the increased popularity of sport, women were able to participate in more sports than in earlier years. ( Wooster ) This great transfer in society allowed women to have the opportunity to showcase their true potential in a preferred way even showing young women that gender doesn’t define one's ability. Before the 1920s , women with the opportunity to participate in sports were informed that,” Women should participate in lady-like sports,” such as golf or swimming. The 1920s, gave women the chance to be free with their sport choice. In a lesson, Antonio Piccone shares that a new Women's  Basketball team gained popularity showing females they should be allowed to participate in all sports rather than just girly sports. (Piccone) This accomplishment allowed people to not just look upon women as an, “object,” but more of an equal to men. This resulted in confidence and new pleasure for women athletes at the time. Over the years women have developed greatly in many places around the world  however, the entertainment industry impacted families with  a prestigious quality of life. 

It is without a doubt that the, “roaring twenties,” stroke a new life for many individuals with new entertainment being shared. The 1920s allowed people to move on from WW1 and live life in happiness rather than sorrow. People of all ages were settling into the new, “normal,” as it was an enjoyable time. On the website, khan academy, readers are enlightened with facts as it states, People attended movies with far more regularity than today, often going more than once per week. By the end of the decade, weekly movie attendance swelled to 90 million people. (khan academy unknown ) The popularity of movies and shows brought people closer together rather than isolated from each other helping individuals with their mental health and emotional stability. This time frame assembled a bond between loved ones and created a step away from the past into betterment. Once again, in a lesson by Antonio Piccone he shares that the new media and popular culture outlets allowed Canadians to enjoy their downtime ( Piccone). Canadians were exposed to activities of enjoyment during spare leisure time rather than just work and standard homelife. Entertainment led people away from a tired and dull life, diverting people away from stress but  most importantly creating bonds between loved ones. Canada’s shift in entertainment even led up to the fact that many people were claiming new identities and expressing themselves differently. 

People deserve the right to  live in a way of their choice, this was greatly supported in the 1920s as many individuals began to make a shift in their lives. During this time new musicians,dancers,gangsters arose in society creating diversity among people. Canadians began to express themselves in positive and sometimes negative ways, however this change emphasized one's  true individuality creating diversity. According to the website, digital history, an author shares, that the 1920s, was as a decade of prosperity and riotous living and of bootleggers and gangsters, flappers and hot jazz, flagpole sitters, and marathon dancers, is indelibly etched in the American psyche. ( unknown) This dramatic shift created a new era for society, calling attention to the fact that diversity unleashes a greater range of talent to the world. The diversity brought into civilization at the time was one thing but many people began to change themselves for their advancement. According to the website, digital history once more, it states that sexual mores, gender roles, hair styles, and dress all changed profoundly during the 1920s. Our individuality and differences help create an image for ourselves as it brings us comfort,benefiting our wellbeing.


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