Limiting the Use of Technology Essay Example

I can properly limit my time on my technology. I do this, so can learn and understand more in life. I also hope to follow my lifelong dreams that I hope to achieve. Here, we will discuss my relationship with technology, mainly my cell phone, video games, and finally television are balanced. Cellphones, television, and video games are all pleasant pastimes but it bears their risk associated with them. Many prominent doctors and professionals agree, cell phone addiction, although not official, is a behavioral disorder that is the same as gambling, video game addiction, or online shopping addiction. Modern television has a good deal of propaganda trying to sell unique items. These could contribute to shopping addiction and video games can become a negative addiction, and can consequently result in short-term behavioral behavior problems. These things I enjoy but many of them can cause risk if not properly managed. From the problem with my eyes to brainwashing. These are the relationships between me and technology and why it is the way it is. Although cellphones are extremely useful, I do not utilize them too much because it causes some life-changing effects that can turn out for the worst. My cell phone is something that I ordinarily possess all the time. Although they are fun to have, I do not utilize them too often because they have numerous effects on other people. If anyone overuses their phone they risk supporting an active addiction to their phone or even risk having their personality changed. Social media is fine but can adversely affect you and cause addictions or mental illness. I don’t desire that happening to me. It can affect me physically due to my defective eyesight. It can equally affect me mentally due to addictions that I might gain if I over utilize it. There are many reasons why I try to limit the use of my cell-phone usage. I must continue limiting it, so I am capable to stay physically and mentally fit in life. Another piece of technology that I own is my video games. These allow me to communicate with friends and other people in a fun and dynamic environment and unlike the cellphone, we can all enjoy something together. Video games are entertainment that allows me to connect with other people both online and with my friends. It allows us to do something while we are relaxing and enjoy something to experience along the way. Although I enjoy playing video games, I retain my reasonable share of odd people; I met online. Many people range from junior kids to full-grown adults trying to make fun of me. This makes me feel either annoyed if the kid is quite angry or pretty chill because they seem relatively relaxed. I can instruct them about different things for them to become better. Whenever adults try to make fun of me, it is hilarious because it makes me wonder why would anyone need to make fun of a 14-year-old. Another reason I seek to keep my relationship with video games balanced is it can be an addiction towards them. Video game addiction is a severe problem among the more present generation and can be easily ignored at first glance. It can seem as for they just playing video games for prolonged periods just for fun. It then becomes more severe when a person lies to play video games even more. I find it concerning and scary and to preserve the well being of other people and me. I must make certain I keep my video games at a balance in which I am doing quite well at managing right now. 

To summarize, my relationship with video games is very balanced, and I must try hard to preserve it that way so I can stay on track with my grades and so I can follow my dreams. Finally, the television. Television is something that I usually watch to discover unique information and entertainment. Most of the time I retain many things that I find wrong with the television. Many of the problems that I find wrong with modern television is routinely the excessive number of advertisements that are presented on television. Many of the advertisements remain quite an inadequate effort and only a few can make me enjoy it. Other times many of the commercials seem very pushy and inevitably seem to just instruct you to purchase their product using cliche tactics. These tactics can include the normal bandwagon tactics or celebrity endorsements. Other tactics can typically include unusual promises that their product can “guarantee.” There are so many tactics that it can get annoying to follow the same intentions that it appears like a broken record. However, during events like the Super Bowl, the advertisements obtain excellent quality and can allow me to enjoy them. They don’t try forcing you to buy their product right away and only do so throughout the commercials. Commercials can be irritating for me but it is manageable. However, biases in shows are very annoying to me. Many news channels are very biased, and such can inevitably lead to exaggerated claims and baseless accusations against people with conflicting opinions or opposing political views. Although this is a recurring situation, many of the claims people could say are quite disrespectful towards people. On 1 such occasion, a political CNN discussion on the delay in the presidential inauguration during the 2020 election. This led to one of the reporters claiming there would be a lack of national security. He subsequently stated this would lead to another 9/11 style attack. This was incredibly not only to the survivors but the people who were affected by the whole event. I find this to be annoying especially when watching or reading different articles about the world. However, cable television is not that bad as a television without cable. I visit my grandma’s house quite often. Although we have fun, she does not have any cable so that prevents her from seeing anything besides political news, weird kids shows, and advertisements that are endlessly on repeat. Although this should not be as harsh with my cellphone, it can become dull when my phone is dead. It is not as bad as it seems, however. Streaming platforms such as Netflix can allow a better entertainment experience and can make it much more enjoyable. In conclusion, even though I do not like television as much as I like reading or my cell phone. It does possess its good in it. I nevertheless enjoy all of the technology that I own. Even though they produce their problems. These are exceptionally easy to ignore and still allow even more people to enjoy them. The cell phone can allow people to communicate and is like a computer in your pocket. Video games are a pastime that anyone can enjoy. In conclusion, television is something that can bring people together and allow us to experience unique impressions just through the television. Without these, the world would feel a little dull.


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